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Suzy Cube review
by possum

5/10 - I've been excited to play this because I LOVE 3D Land and basically all linear Mario platformers. While this game takes a lot from 3D Land that is good, such as some enemy types and level gimmicks, i feel like it makes very odd decisions that kind of make half the levels a chore to get through. The music is fine.

Lots of go here to activate this and then walk back levels, lots of lava insta-death levels where they give you hit points that are useless. And the environments are not as lively or fun to explore as 3D Land levels. It's a really cute game and can keep ur Mario thirst satisfied for a while but it didn't do much for me. Probably works better as a mobile game.

I did not feel the need to go back to unlock the special world, which is odd for me since I do that for most platformers.