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Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus review
by MrSpanky

Not fun.

That's what the predominant feeling will be after a few hours of a game that is unbalanced, unfair, time consuming, save-scum reliant and in the end not fun, which is why we all play games for.

Make the mistake to choose one of the first available sidequests without having your main characters already grinded up and you will get stuck on a new type of enemy who can wipe your entire group in a few turns and that on the easy difficulty.

Play aggressively and you get picked up from afar and ganked. Play defensively and the enemies will respawn with exponential faster rates. Make small errors at the beginning and you pay the price hours later in the campaign.

Great soundtrack and visuals cannot save the frustrating gameplay, which should still be king, even in this years of advanced visual accomplishment in the videogame industry.

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XCOM light + Warhammer licensse
«Sit back and relax»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I'm not even beyond the refund limit, so take this "review" with a grain if salt. I didn't know♥♥♥♥♥♥about this game and went in blind. I'm positively surprised. After a LOT of bad 40k games, this one seems to be a gem in the hiding. The first thing you'll notice is the attention to detail. The art, the feel, the sounds... it OOZES 40k AdMech. This is the essence of the Priests of Mars in a game. That alone is, for an actual AdMech player on the table, worth the admission price. The gameplay is X-Com like - but only to a small degree. Alternate activation based on initiative require some planning ahead, so no IGOUGO you're used from the X-COM games. Also, there is no cover besides those line-of-sight-blocking pieces of the map or other units. None of that low cover and high cover crap, no hit percentages... the million-years old deathmachine and the cybernetically enhanced cyborgmonster always hit. As long as you have cognition points, a shared replenishable ressource between your units, you can do some crazy stuff. Sprint across the map and shove an axe down that Necron Warriors throat? Fire a weapon that disintegrates your target with several times the damage of a normal weapon? Buff or heal your units with a single techpriest? It is a weird concept, but it actually feels surprisingly very, very good. This game is true to its roots, tries new systems and succeeds. The price seems appropriate, since the production value is there. A bit more animations for the tech priests would be nice, but otherwise... yes. Recommendation.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Since many Bad Warhammer Games have appeared again recently, I was also very sceptical about Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus, but I was then pleasantly surprised, it is Fun to build your own Mechanicus Team, to level and equip with Items around Then, with the Team, to embark on new Missions in which one fights against the merciless Necrons. The Game definitely has Potential that will hopefully be used and the Game will be expanded with great Updates. Pro: Toll Warhammer 40K Setting-Pretty graphics-beautiful Effects-Good sound effects-good Soundtrack-Good gameplay-Great Warhammer 40K models implementation units you can equip, level and skilly-finally Necrons or other Opponents than always just Orcs, Chaos, Skaven or Tyranids-very short Charging Times-Xcom typical tactical Battles ... Contra:... Unfortunately not as Extensive as XCom-the Infiltration Possibilities are unfortunately far too low-no Imperial Knights or Armiger-no Coop or Multieplayer-no Mod-Support camera can't be swayed-much too light Enfight/Final Boss-too little You can't equip weapons selection units-rather boring Story-the Effects of the Decisions are hardly relevant or noticeable, but much more inconsequential So far I can only recommend the Game, especially I like the Mix of XCom and Warhammer 40K Therefore It doesn't bother me at all that the tactics fights are very reminiscent of X-Com. Edit: So habs now played through after 18.6 Hours, a few Things are unfortunately still missing, eg that apart from the life Points and Armor You otherwise get no further Information about the scanned Necro Unit, here it is also interesting to see how much Damage and what Type Of damage the damage Necros cause, the same applies to the "Techbaum," there you unfortunately don't see Any information about the Units, but this Area offers ideal Possibilities to provide the Player with more Warhammer 40k background Knowledge, even in the Weapon Types still has to be done Clearly Content to be delivered, so there are zb no Plasma weapons, no Rocket launchers etc and an Equipment option for the Units also considers the difficulty of the Missions is far too light once you have the two Rangers the Game very much Easy and if you have 4 tech priests you don't need the normal Units anymore as 2-4 tech priests loosely burst every Opponent alone, the final Fight was totally simple, the Final Boss himself was dead after only 2 Hits, hope the soon new Content comes to the so far d He Replay Value barely present.