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Night Call review
by Reiko_LJ

On the surface its a really neat concept. Drive around Paris, pick up a plethora of diverse and interesting passengers, get to know them and simultaneously solve a serial murder case. There are 3 cases to choose from and an also a 'free roaming' mode where you can taxi around without the constraints of the story mode.

In practice this makes for very repetitive gameplay and dialogue. The passenger interactions themselves are great (bar a few which are far too long and tedious), that element of the game stands up. However, the bridges between those moments doesn't do so well.

You're never actually provided much information on the cases you're meant to be solving bar the basic clues for each suspect which you uncover. Which seems like an oversight for a game centred around solving murders. The text when falling asleep and waking up each day is exactly the same every night and every case. The dialogue with the detective who gives you the cases is exactly the same. The protagonists link to the cases (the fact he was attacked too) never fits in with the MO or motive of any of the culprits and it's super buggy.

I really wanted to like the game. The passenger interactions really shine and Houssine (the player character) is a real sweetheart. But the bugs and repetition are too much to ignore. The worst part is that these issues feel very fixable with not too much time/effort spent.

With a bit more dev time it could be great, for now though... If you can get it for free/on game pass, give it a look in but I wouldn't pay for it
«Buggy as hell»
«I could make it better»