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Gemini: Heroes Reborn review
by Dr. Jeremy

Far better than it has any right to be, Gemini: Heroes Reborn manages to have a ton of fun playing in the colossally-dumb Heroes universe. Essentially a short story-first FPS, you never actually pick up a gun in Gemini. Rather, you use a combination of telekinetic and time-altering powers to make your way through a heavily-guarded facility and learn the secrets at its core. Surrounded by guards? Jump back in time to avoid them. Someone fires a machine gun at you? Slow time, stop the bullets with telekinesis, and send them back at the shooter.

To be clear, this game was clearly made on a tight budget and schedule. The AI is awful, the story is cheesy, and many of the assets are notably subpar. However, it's easy to see that Phosphor Games went above and beyond with the constraints they were given and made a game that is well worth the price of admission.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Gemini: HR is just as much a Pipe creator as the Heroes serial offshoot. I don't understand why you're cancelling a Series For lack Of odds to reboot it Years later anyway. What, then, is supposed to have changed? Be it, mob and over over, dead horses continue to be toted. In the Game, you control Cassandra, who possesses a few supernatural Abilities. The most important: It can jump between two Time Levels. Sounds great at first, but it's not. This Back and Forth seems very set up, every few Seconds you have to switch and take the Flow of the Game yourself. After all, he does not really want to pay. In the old Time Level, you can also turn off Guards with Telekinese-attacks. That's more Cramp than Fun, actually even quite fiddly. The negative Climax is the completely failed Control. There Are no many Buttons to be occupied, but the Scheme simply does not shape up. Permanently, I was thinking about which button I had to press again. Not only can you simply switch between times, but you can also peek over and slow down. That kind of seems tangled, especially in Combat. In Level 7 (out of 15, as far as I know) was then End Terrain. Then came a Kind of Obstacle Park, which really exposed the Weaknesses of the Control. Gemini wants to be such a Kind of climbing assassin's Creed Meets Mirror's Edge, but Cassandra moves like a Snail himself in the Sprint. You don't notice Anything about Supernaturalness and super jumps. In addition, a general Inertia, so that one does not Feel like you are Master of the Situation and the Control. Gemini looks better on the store screenshots than in the Game itself. The Game is not necessarily ugly, but it is also a far cry from spectacular. Here, every Level looks almost the same, the current destroyed present Anyway. Despite the total 4-5 Hours of Play, this results after only 1 Hour of Boredom. The German Version is censored, although it is not clear what exactly. Why you did that is just as foggy As to why it's not specified on the Shop Page. The Game is enormously bloodless even in the Original Version (which I played here) and to Incapacitate a few Guards with Barrels or chairs or even hurl back Cartridges, I wouldn't call it particularly brutal now either. So Why the Whole thing? What would it have to object to? I'm sorry, Phosphorus Games, I would still have fed through here if Level 7 wasn't so abnormal shit, but even the 2 Hours I dumped in the Game feel like a Waste Of Life. Can I only advise against deterring as a matter of urgency!