Light theme review
by Kyle Weber

This is probably the best execution of a free casual web battle royale game possible, but unfortunately the limitations of both the battle royale genre and browser gaming lead to an end product that's mostly disappointing.

It's worth starting with what's good:  the developers have clearly poured their hearts and souls into the game, there are frequent updates that introduce new concepts and locations.  The entire idea of having new procedurally generated maps in each game adds much needed variety to the game, and the quick length of game makes this a perfect distraction for a few moments over lunch or right before bed.

Unfortunately, my main criticism of this game is that there isn't a huge variety of gameplay.  Each game is essentially a collection mixed with PvP shooting, and essentially your status in the game is determined by how well you can run around the map, collect items, aim, and shoot people.   For example, hiding is difficult given that individual structures and buildings spawn in predictable ways the fact that most structures you could hide in will reveal you in subtle ways if you move around in them.  

Thus, if you don't have high-level items or you don't have a much faster reaction time than your opponent, you will lose in your confrontations with them 95% of the time.  It's pretty clear which weapons are better than others, which means that RNG determines a very large proportion of the game's eventual victors.  Even when you kill a player in a better position due to luck, it doesn't feel earned due to the random nature of the victory.

On top of this, the developers have not been great about stopping cheaters (you can Google to find a huge number of tools assisting players at beating the game), and a steadily increasing amount of extraneous junk have transformed a five minute distraction into yet enough bottomless bowl of XP, missions, and season passes that urge you to play longer.  Overall, not recommended.
«Waste of time»