Light theme review
by Kyle Weber

Overall an excellent game, although be forewarned that it's more intense than its board game counterpart.

This is an excellent adaptation of the Secret Hitler board game.  While there are occasional bugs, the core gameplay is very solid (with some interesting variations on the standard game's mechanisms and the ability to create custom games with your own rule set).  The moderators on the site are very responsive and there's isn't the mess of game-throwing, toxic chat conversations, and cheating that you find in other free online multiplayer games of this type. 

The strongest aspect of the game is still the strength of the source material, as Secret Hitler is an excellent social deduction game with just the right mix of randomness and strategy to make each game interesting.  Surprisingly moving conversations over to chat makes the game stronger rather than weaker, as "tells" are harder to identify and information about past play allows players to concoct wilder theories than they could playing in-person.

My pet peeve about the game is that most tables are ranked (and it's pretty hard to fill up a casual server), which means that the casual fun atmosphere of the in-person board game doesn't really come across in this adaptation.  Players on your team will vent if you play suboptimally, and trying new strategies or experimenting with the game is extremely discouraged in ranked (learn "meta" before playing if you're new).  Given that, it's probably not the best game if you want to zone out after work, but the rich gameplay and variety of different game modes means that players of any skill level can find something here to interest them.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»