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Hyper Scape review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Journal Style Review:

I like the movement and the idea of the different abilities, I’ll know if I actually like the abilities once I have used them more but first glance they look cool. Unfortunately the main thing I noticed right away is that I don’t like the shooting. The sensitivity was too high to start but even after adjusting there is something about the weight of it that doesn’t feel good. The art design is pretty boring but I’m going to cut them a bit of slack because the game was only 7.5GB which is very small and the graphics aren’t horrible considering. Modern warfare is like over 100 fucking GBs so this game isn’t judged the same way when talking about presentation. 

If I’m being honest I don’t like this game right now (7ish games in) because I’m not very good.

Annnnnd next game I got 8 kills finished 5th. Much more fun. The “hold the crown at end” mechanic is actually a very unique and fun way to end a BR game. Especially one so heavily focused on movement. I am excited to be back in the top 10.

Okay this Arcadey game isn’t bad. I’m not sure how good it is yet. But it isn’t bad. You just have to really treat it like an arcade game and get the twitchy shooting going. It’s fast.

I’m definitely playing this till I get at least 1 win. For sure I play till I get the W. it’s actually pretty fun.

Pretty solid launch day performance wise. I lagged a couple times but only for a brief moment and only in 2 games. And it hasn’t been bad finding games, it’s been reasonable. Again, fucking Modern Warfare lags all the time.

Boom! Day 2 I get a win. It was fantastic. I won by holding the crown. The crown came in with about 9 people left. I had 5 kills so far and had a fully upgraded slam, which is easily a top two ability in my opinion. I had a dope assault rifle and a shotgun as well. So do I jump for the crown immediately? No that’s what I did the first time and it didn’t work. This time, I purposely waited for someone else to snag it first. I use the time to fully max out my gear and pick up the ball as a second ability. I wait until there are 5 people left and then I’m shooting the crown too. He dies and I go snag it up and I then I am bouncing and Jumping all over the fucking place. And in between cool downs I’m sliding inside buildings. Very hard to catch. Nobody does. I win. Success.

I get it now. I get what this games brings that’s different. This battle royale is so much about dodging attacks and being elusive with the different abilities. It’s about being able to escape in an instant.

I’m getting better at shooting. I’m figuring out what weapons I like for different situations. The sniper for example, way too hard for me. Never using it anymore. I never get killed by it either. The assault rifle and the heavy pistol are my faves for out in the open. But I like to have a shotgun for indoors. I like to have slam the most for my main hack. Second hack is either invisibility or health most often. But late game I like ball and slam. Pure mobility.

This game continues to grow on me. I don’t see it having a super long lifespan. I don’t see the same depth as Warzone, Apex, or fortnite. It’s still fun for the time being though.

Got 2 more wins out of 6 games on Day 4. Both from stealing the crown. I think pretty much every single game ends with the crown theft because there is so much mobility and when it gets down to 6 ish people left it’s very difficult to kill the crown bouncing around so much. I’m pretty much a master already. Liking the game more and more.

There is some entertainment in trying different ability combos. I’m think invulnerability might be good late game.

My first three games tonight have been laggy. This game really can’t be played when it’s laggy. It’s too precise a game. You need it to perform well. Disappointing.

Again lag is wrecking this game for me. If it doesn’t sort itself out Im going to stop playing. This game can’t have lag. It’s been unplayable today. I’m getting 1 good game and then like 4 bad ones.

I was very close to giving up on the game but I gave it a few more rounds. Finally some lag free games. I got a 5th place 7 kills round and a 1st place 6 kills. Couple more 4 or 5 kill rounds.

I think it was just my internet. Netflix was also crapping the bed... sorry hyper scape for the hate. But that being said. I’m still getting near the point where I’ve played this game enough. I know my strategy every game now. Every single game you need to get the shotgun. Second weapons is either assault rifle, the heavy pistol, or the mini gun, and I’m thinking mini gun is actually the best overall. Slam and invisibility is a good combo. Slam and ball is a good late game combo. Slam and invulnerable is good late game as well. It’s getting repetitive and the thrill is diminishing. 

Another W (5th win) and I could have had another win but I was arrogant and lost a 1v1 fight when I had the crown. Easily could have ran away but it was a good opportunity to actually kill everybody so I took it and lost.

This game has its moments but the highs are not anywhere near as high as most of the other BRs I’ve played. It’s a fine game, it is a middle of the pack B+. The high mobility and defensive hacks create some interesting escapes and the occasional unreal kill. Its been unique enough to entertain me for a couple weeks. But it isn’t anything special and the joy has run out so I’m calling it. It doesn’t have a lot of depth.

 Concise Review:

Amazing: only 7.5GBs


Good: The district removal process is fresh and interesting,  The crown finish mechanic is unique and thrilling. Near death escapes via hacks and high mobility get the heart going.

Fine: visual style, simple loot mechanics, few guns and hacks (and fewer worth using)

Bad: poor replay-ability, map design is boring, the gameplay lacks depth

Awful: any round when there is any lag is pretty much unplayable because it’s already so hard to kill people (or you get killed because they shoot you and it doesn’t register until you are already dead)

Final Score: B+

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