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Astroloco: Worst Contact review
by Luke Irvin

This game's humor is truly spot on, gameplay is pretty standard point-n-click stuff, but the puzzles and achievement hunting are really great. The ONLY thing preventing this from getting an Exceptional, is that there were quite a few bugs. For instance, trying to open Steam overlay caused all the narration to skip afterwards, which was really disappointing because that was some of the game's highlights. Also, once getting the Oxygen tank, that was forever placed on the screen, even when it was no longer in use. A strange bug happened with a toolbelt too keeping it on screen, which obstructed some things at times. And finally, there was a few instances where the ambient audio would persist even through different areas. Overall, nothing game breaking at all, but definitely hurt the experience a bit. Either way, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys British and slapstick/cheeky comedy, because it will be right up your alley.
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