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Halo: Reach review
by Montaholic

Considering this is a review of the campaign, I loved it. All the Noble team members I found myself wishing just had better chances in a war they can't win, and I always wished that the main character could return some day either as a small reference or even being revealed to be alive

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I love Halo reach one of my top favorite halos
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
The best Halo single-player experience on PC so far, although I've yet to play Halo 4. Gunfights feel great and the difficulty is balanced well on heroic with one or two fights being exceptions. There are no annoying enemies, the levels are mostly interesting. The plot and the missions are not artificially lengthened like in some previous parts. Characters are likable and not as strongly military clichés like in ODST, which is good since you often have allies in fights.
Do you like Halo?  Then you'll probably like Halo: Reach.  It's a fairly good First Person Shooter oozing with the Halo universe, giving background story to the first Halo game.

I did find it a bit frustrating, though, having to depend on your AI Comrades.  As they say at the beginning of the game, you can't go it alone.  The game expects you to fight in a unit with the AI buddies it gives you, and it ramps up the difficulty of fights to match.

I'm sure most people reading this are just thinking in their heads "GIT GUD" and there's some truth to that.  I'm sure many people have been able to play through this game no sweat, but I found it challenging.

However, that's where the Co-op shines.  Getting a couple of my buddies together made this a grand experience.  We cranked up the difficulty and had a grand old time ruining the days of waves of Covenant.  Now that I had allies I could depend on, the game's intent of encouraging more squad-level tactics shined through.

I had fun.  It was a great game.  I'll probably play it again in the future.
«Better with friends»
After Halo 3, this is my favorite Halo game. And all it took was get rid of the Flood. I guess this is what I loved about Halo 1, a struggle between humanity and the Covenant. "Reach" is a great "goodbye" by the Bungie team and a great shooter, and while the story is of medium quality, one may grow fond with it, just give it a chance.