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Entangle review
by bthobbs14

Fun to manipulate and unlock the solution, similar to a mechanical puzzle.  Its main downside is that, even when you’ve figured out what to do, executing it often takes a really long time.  By the end, the complexity of the puzzles made it lean too far in the direction of tedium.  Still a nice idea though.

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Translated by
Microsoft from French
As its description indicates, the concept of entangle ("tangle" in French) consists of manipulating lines along intersecting paths. Simple, but, from the outset, more complex than it seems. Indeed, these lines, of varying lengths, are coloured, as are the paths they borrow. A yellow line can only move along a yellow path. White is an exception, it corresponds to a form of neutrality and is therefore accessible to all. The goal is, of course, to bring each line to its point of arrival. Well, until then, it's all very clear. As soon as you have looked at the side of the screenshots, you are probably already saying: "... and it's not going to last! ". You're a fool! Although the mechanics are both numerous and varied, they are nonetheless simple to describe. In addition, the learning curve is mastered from end to end, like levels-it is true, more demanding in the last quarter of the game-which are very well designed. To the point that with a little analysis and decryption, one always manages to understand the workings of what seems first to be an unspeakable Bazaar. And you owe this unspeakable Bazaar to the following mechanics: portions of track that change color according to your good desire (with a palette sometimes limited), depending on who you want to see it borrow; small white sections that can rotate, in order to open new roads; keys, color, which you can only pick up with the corresponding line and which will immediately open the corresponding doors; kinds of portins that you can only cross by placing on a certain mechanism a line of a precise color; White pods, working as a couple, that will allow you to teleport from one to the other. Besides, you'll also be able to neutralize the color of a line (which will become white, if you followed), to assign a new one. Patience, reflection and observation help, entangle will not resist you long. You will see, for example, that the entire level (or little is needed) is built on a symmetrical mode. So what? So solving half of a level will often come back to solving it in extenso. So count between three and four hours to get to grips, a little more if you are not seasoned in the exercise of the puzzle-game. Do not rely on my playing time, I am rather part of those for whom this kind of gymnastics is a health walk-without bragging any, usual question, that's all. But my parental obligations sometimes call me so strong that I have, suddenly, an unfortunate tendency to let the game run... In short, in a Word as in a hundred, entangle is interesting and affordable, in more than one title, whether for your wallet or your neurons. Notice to amateurs. Verdict: 4/5-very good, a sure value! Did you like this evaluation? Find others by following our curation: we prefer them cold. And for what it is better to avoid like the plague, it is here: the purge.