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Far from Noise review
by bthobbs14

I kept hoping for something different.  I'm not terribly worried about having a lot of influence in a narrative, but if I'm given choice in a dialogue, I want it to feel like it shapes my character, even if it doesn't really change anything.  However, somewhere around the time where I was clicking through some silly made-up stories about constellations, which neither felt important to the narrative nor revealing of the character, I realized that most of the choices felt like arbitrary decisions regarding a character who didn't strike me as particularly interesting, and was purposely obtuse.  Combined with the hazy philosophical ramblings of the deer, it was like two sides of an annoying coin.  Not for me.

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Microsoft from French far from noise auraiit could be a good adventure, a good narrative experience, with an interesting premise since you play the role of a person lying on the edge of a cliff in his car, two fingers to fall, it's the kind of traumatic experience that offers the opportunity to question death and all that, all that. Your character will indeed, very quickly stumble upon a talking deer, with whom you will engage a philosophical conversation about the meaning of life, the importance of nature and the smallness of mankind in the greatness of space. The game is therefore limited to a scene that evolves according to the time of day and the evolution of the conversation, a scene rather well drawn, restful and pleasant to watch, accompanied by a very quiet soundtrack (wind noise, ocean noise, nature noise ,...). The choices in the dialogues sometimes offer a slightly different branching but which always end up joining the Central path of the plot. You know, I like the walking Simulator, I like to do these "games with limited gameplay" that offer an interesting narrative experience, most of the time, finally, I guess most will tell me that I'm an idiot and that I understand nothing to video games but it doesn't matter. Here, on the other hand, the gameplay is really close to the absolute ZERO: we just click on choices and wait for the sequel, there is nothing else to do, we can not, for example, interact with the elements of the scenery to see reactions , no, you just click on the choices. It's only limited that I really feel like reading a news that has big rhythm problems in its way of unfolding. For example, I click on a choice, the deer moves its head for 3 seconds or the camera takes ten seconds to change angle, it breaks all the more the rhythm (already worthy of a snail under xanax). In addition, I will be honest, the subject of the game, which might have been interesting, delights in its own self-proclaimed greatness: "Yes, we are small in front of the universe, yes the constellations can tell stories and the shadow of death encompasses everything be alive and form a whole and my butt is the center of the universe and blablablabla ". If the fact of finding yourself in an imminent death experience can cause questions about his choices, I would have liked the game more if he had just remained in the concrete character ("why such a choice, why such love, why and how my life , what do I know ") but no, the character goes into lyrical flights aided by a deer who speaks pretentious who remind you how stupid human being is and do not respect nature, sarcastic or not, you must remain humble in the face of nature understood? Personally, the subject of the game bothers me so much that I will not go to the end, unless I have insomnia problems.