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Mass Effect 3: Leviathan review
by Reiko_LJ

This DLC shouldn't really exists.

The last section could easily have been part of the base game and I wouldn't be shocked if EA was a factor in forcing it into a separate package.
Whilst the concept was good, it was poorly executed. Lots of to and fro between different locations and having to repeatedly go back to the lab was frustrating.

The whole thing just felt very poor. In the second mission Shepard had to battle through Reapers, navigate a changing environment, go up and down ladders repeatedly all whilst the area was being bombarded with explosive projectiles. They added a massive camera shake every time this happened. The result was me coming away feeling very motion sick which I've never experienced in Mass Effect before. Poor show all round. 

Pros: Additional backstory on the Reapers, Stunning visuals in one section.
Cons: Poorly designed sections, reuse of assets/locations ad nauseum, lots of padding.

Do not recommend.
«Game over at last!»