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Mass Effect 3: Citadel review
by Reiko_LJ

Absolute meta fest.

I played this when it was first released which was a good year after the base game. I think that gave it an extra edge considerably. It meant you were approaching it with a different view on the content and universe.

Having recently gone through it during a replay of ME3 it doesn't have the same effect. It ends up a little jarring with its overly comedic moments in juxtaposition to the tone of the base. It's still a fantastic DLC though with some great nostalgic moments and decent content. I just think it should be played after completion of the base game, maybe after having some time to digest like the original release.

Pros: Packed with funny nods, Varied and fun content
Cons: Overly silly in parts, not as strong after the initial post-base game play

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The best "fan service" I ever played. A great conclusion to the entire trilogy.
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