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Don't Starve Together review
by superlifi

It's so fun to play with friends! Every time we find out new stuff. It's much better to play and keep breaking our own records and finding new scenarios and new things to build that give us more possibilities. That is the beauty of the game, exploring it with a friend. Granted, I play always with the same person and that gives some of that beauty: we're always at the same level of proficience and so no one spoils each other and it's constant discovery together. Trying to live more days before dying, etc. It's very nice.

I assume with time we'll start feeling there's not much more to explore, but we've played about 5 times so far (and by that I mean playing sessions, if we count deaths we might be at 30). I don't see much appeal in the clothing items either, those bonuses they give. Playing alone I get easily bored, but this is Don't Starve Together, so I don't mind.

We can't play all the time either so I can't wait for the next time we play, which brings some charming excitement to it as well.

Very fun!
«Can’t stop playing»
«Better with friends»

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captures the powerlessness a player might expect to feel in the wilds. seems difficulty to get through winter without heavy reliance on a wiki, or a lot of replaying. 

pretty fun with friends up until winter, where anyone who doesn't know what's going on is going to be confused together

there's a chance the player was expected to play the singleplayer "Don't Starve" beforehand, and that that game serves as a better tutorial to what this game has to offer - not sure
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Review to Don * t Starve Together: Don * t Starve Together is a Multiplayer, Survival game in which you try to Survive with your Friends and collect something together for as many Days as possible. The first Step in Don * t Starve is to Hoard you a wide variety of Things that lie on the Ground. This may be, for People who have not played the Game yet, or have only seen Videos, somewhat "sluggish," since in the Beginning it is just a matter of doing that. In other Words, this Game needs some Time to get going. But if you've made it to Day 7, or you've played it that 4-5 Hours, then it's slowly getting more interesting. The Game offers a lot of Variety, especially for those who haven't played it yet, as new Monsters keep coming. Conclusion: The Game offers Fun you should not play it alone. ;) 10/10 Points
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You can play the Game either with several Players, but also on your own. Of course, with the best Friend or Boyfriend, it's the most fun to be followed by brisk Buffalo, Killer wasps or Hell-dogs. But also a relatively large amount in the World of Don * t Starve Together is out to want to get on your Collar. From scorching Heat to Frost Bumps in Winter or the big Monsters of different Seasons quite apart. But if you play at least for two, you can also revive each other quite well (of course also the Players, who you may have set Alight by Mistake). In order to have the ultimate Gaming Experience, it is important to browse the Workshop of Don * t Starve Together. Useful Help, such as a Mod for a larger Inventory or the Resuscitation Opportunity at the Campfire, is of great Interest to loot-joyful Players:)
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Early Access Review Right in advance: This Game is a very, very Cod, if you understand what I mean. But Fun (half) aside: It's really a very good survival game that for me captivates with its timelessly quaint graphic Style and Humor, as well as its Gameplay. The Level of difficulty is (sometimes a little too) crisp, but you can configure a whole Lot before the Game and adjust it to your Discretion. Add to that the Bonus that you can play it together, which increases the Fun Of the Game compared to the Single Player. The Multiplayer is still in Beta and small, subtle Changes are made again and again and things are added, which makes me look in again and again after intermittent Abstinence. Overall, though, it's already a fun, pretty Round Game Experience, which is Why I can recommend anyone who fancies experiencing a little ulcchy survival fun with their Mates.