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Grounded review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Journal Style Review of the initial release:

Kind of a fun start but the main story finishing after like 40 minutes was way shorter than I thought it would be. I though we would have at least 4 hours. This game is much earlier than I thought it was going to be. Kind of has a fun feel to it though. The aesthetic is enjoyable. The shrunken backyard idea is weirdly fun. I’m going to keep playing this for a bit until I’ve seen a bit more of what it has to offer....but I don’t think I’m going to end up playing this very long.

...And the next day I only played another hour before I got bored. There just isn’t enough direction or content for me at this point. I think the game looks fun. I like the aesthetic, I don’t mind the feel to it (pretty simple but responsive enough), and the crafting and analyzing seems like it’s done well enough, but I need quests. I need an objective, a reason to go explore places. In the current game preview state it’s just a sandbox where you can fight some bugs and make bug armor. That is fun for some people but I’m not creative enough for that. If they add story quests I’d jump back in but for now this game isn’t for me.

Full Release:

Full game is out. I started over form the beginning to get the hang of it. I like the start. It’s a fun concept and setting.

Meh I played it again for an afternoon but it’s not for me. The idea is cool but in practise the combat isn’t very good. The respawn system can be annoying and there’s too much running back to where you dies last. It’s not for me.

Final Score: B

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