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Digital: A Love Story review
by Kyle Weber

I was torn between a "Meh" and "Recommended" rating but decided to round up because the aesthetics, storyline, and soundtrack were high-quality enough for a free game that I was willing to overlook some gameplay design issues.

The good:  The music is very, very good for a free indie game (although they include just one or two fewer tracks than I would have appreciated given the length of the game).  The storyline is sweet and generally well-executed, the worldbuilding (from the UI of the fake operating system to the interactions you have on BBS's) is first-rate, and even the somewhat absurd twist included toward the end of the game was reasonably well-executed.

The not-so-good:  The gameplay is extremely linear and includes a lot of artificial components designed to make the game longer without adding any additional challenge or surprise.  We are already throwing realism out the window in a lot of elements included in this game, so having monotonous tasks throw in the game multiple times doesn't accomplish anything narratively but annoy the player).  The actual direction of gameplay is simultaneously extremely predictable and annoyingly precise, and I even managed to break the flow of the game in a way that required me to backtrack since I got information earlier than I was supposed to interact with it.  Felt more like a movie than a game given how restricted your options were.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience of playing this game, and I was willing to overlook the issues I had with the gameplay given that the narrative elements were so well-executed.  I'd recommend it but it's no great loss if you end up skipping this game.
«Sit back and relax»
«That ending!»
«OST on repeat»