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Gone Home review
by Kyle Weber

It's not much of a game, more like an interactive movie, but I ended up getting much more involved in the story than I expected for the price.  The voice acting is great, and the plot (while a little cliched) is plausibly done and revealed in little bits and pieces.  While the game is short, there's a bit more depth with a secondary subplot that is not explicitly spelled out but will be super-obvious once you see it.  (I won't say anything more to avoid spoiling it), and the environment of the game is really well-built.  The way that tension is built up and pays off is something I think gamers who are attuned to this genre will appreciated, although be forewarned it's not a horror game at all.  Building suspense without having some horrific ending actually works well with the subject matter.  The puzzles and hidden elements are relatively easy to find if you know where they are, but I didn't feel insulted by the difficulty level in finding them.

Overall, play this if you want a narrative driven game in a well-built sandbox environment that doesn't completely subvert your expectations of the subject matter but instead relies on good writing and acting to get your attention.  Bonus points for having a pretty interesting directors' commentary included in the game.  Overall, highly recommended.
«Sit back and relax»
«That ending!»
«Beaten more than once»
«OST on repeat»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Adventure Game "Gone Home" was developed by the indie studio "The Fullbright Company" and released in 2013. The Game was first released as a Download on Steam, on the Playstation4 and the Xbox One, but the Offer was expanded to include a DVD version in 2014. In the Game, As a Player, you put yourself in the Role of the 21-year-old Kaitlin Greenbriar, who returns home from a European Atrium At the Beginning Of June 1995. With more Information you will not be equipped and so you will find yourself at the Door of your family Residence. However, after some Exploration, he seems to leave completely. What happened to your Father Terry, your Mother Janice and your Sister Samantha now has to be figure out. To uncover this Mystery, you move through the Family Estate, can use or pick up Objects at the Click of a mouse. This Mechanic is used in some Rare cases for minor Puzzles, but most of The time it's just a nice Gimmick if you can take up any Object and rotate around 360 °. Accordingly, the Gameplay remains unspectacular over the Game. However, Gone Home possesses great Strength, its Atmosphere. Thanks to this, the Game has Potential to be a Horror Game of the finest Quality Class. The large, dark and vacant Property, the Severe weather raging outside and the Prehistory of the Property make for unpleasant Moments, but they do not go beyond a few light Back showers. Especially when Visiting the Basement and Attic. This makes the various Diary Entries of your Sister Samantha seem all the more reassuring, which she unlocks by interacting with different Objects within the Game world. In General, these Diary Entries are the Most important thing you will face to learn what happened during your Absence within the Family. It is precisely these Diary Entries that Are the Highlight of the entire game due to their free Writing style and loose speaking Style. In the Beginning you will listen to what Is happening with Scepticism or disinterest, but the more you unlock, the more you rejoice in every new Snippet. The Whole thing then culminates in an emotional Finale where one or the other Tear will flow. All in all, Gone Home marks the Dawn Of a new Era of the Video Game industry. This Game is a Textbook example of tomorrow's Storytelling: Intrusive and woven into the Gameplay. End game-disrupting Cutscenes and The eternal Reading of Diary entries or item Descriptions. However, the Game suffers from monotonous Gameplay and poor Price-/it performance ratio. The Game will keep you Entertained for just under two Hours and has no Replay Value, which cannot justify the Price of €19.99million on Steam. If you want to get this Game, wait for the next Steamsale.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The game consists largely of audition, open doors and reading. 2-3 keys still looking that's it. No enemies, but you can duck yourself. It's ultimately a game of running. Had more of an adventure or similar hopes like silent Hill. But since I skipped all the lyrics I was through in an hour. Found the story boring without interaction. Then rather the escape rooms or the lost ....... row.
Translated by
Microsoft from Dutch
Cool game. After half an hour I was almost able to position myself in front of the first door I encountered. Then the controls (are there any? Yes, Ive seen the instructions) decided otherwise. Now there are people who know how to operate this game. Its not related to any app control on an iPad but kudos to those managing to find it out. Or is that the objective of the game: to find out how to operate it? Well, you can only spend your money once. Wish I had spent it on a different app. Luckily removing the app followed standard iPad operation.
Translated by
Microsoft from Danish
This is such an atmospheric, beautiful game -well its not a game, its a story that you explore through a house. The people who complained about completing it in a short time (or minutes!!) totally missed the point! Youre not supposed to win in this game or race to the end, you follow a story as it unfolds via riffling through your familys possessions -theres only very few puzzles in this game, the focus is discovery. Its a gorgeous story. Remember to always play the tapes as it really sets the scene -the silence and solitude is so loud afterwards. I wish there were more apps like this.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
What you DO NOT get for your money: a classic adventure with combination puzzles, interaction with other characters or opponents, days of gameplay, tempo and action all the time. What you get instead: a complete big house full of furniture and legacies of its inhabitants, filled with an exciting story. The life of the family unfolds quite linear, but tells exciting and cautious when wandering through and through the numerous, graphically well-designed rooms. The events are lined up with diary excerpts. The identification with the two sisters and their lives is easy, the added value is high. The action captivates, exploring the environment freely and at your own pace. Conclusion: More a three-dimensional graphic novel in the most literal sense, less a game. Entertaining and empathetic tells for fine spirits. Boring maybe, if you are looking for a more superficial spa. But I really liked it.