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Gothic review
by Diskis

so good the history is amazing 
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»

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Gameplay 810. Graphics 9/10. Soundtrack 8/10. Storyline 8/10. OVERALL 8.25/10.0 (A 8.0)
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This Game used to be great and still is now. The Graphics are, of course, now quite old Baking and you need a little Workaround to be able to play it sensibly (switch off steamoverlay, start Game in XP-SP3 Compensation mode and as An Admin), but the Atmosphere captivates you immediately. The Controls are a little hairy once you get used to it, but all goes well out of hand. In the current Version (which Steam delivers), I didn't notice any major Bugs. And the few have actually just been Clipping Errors. Of the Game Killer Bugs that used to exist, there are none left. All in all, the Game is still worth Buying today!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
REÊ: Gothic. Foreword: Yes, what is a great place to say about this now? It is the first Part of Piranha Bites ' well-known Gothic Role-playing series. With this wonderful Game, the Developers show where their Strengths lie. A dense Atmosphere, wonderfully set To music Dialogues, a Combat system, which I personally regard as one of the best, a level and Skill-system from which today's games can quietly cut a Disc. And, of course, the brilliant Story! The World: It all plays on the Island of Khorinis, or rather the Mining Colony of Khorinis. There, a huge magic Barrier was created by Magicians to hold the Workers and Slaves captive. This has reached an unexpected Scale and the Magicians themselves have also been caught. The Slaves and Workers killed the Guards and took over the Colony. These now, trapped in the Barrier, trade with the Outside World, that is, the King. The King gives them everything they ask for, and the Workers give him the Ore they mine in the Mines. A large Camp has been set up in the Barrier, and thanks to different Views, two more camps have formed. The first and largest camp, the old Camp, still drives Trade with the King and wrd controlled by Archbaron Gomez. The Castle of the old camp is also home to the Fire Magicians, 6 Magicians who were involved in the creation of the Barrier. Then there's the new camp. A Group of Bandits and Mercenaries protecting the Water Magicians. Your Plan is to collect a huge Amount of Ore to destroy the Barrier. Then there is the Swamp Camp in which the Novices and Templars have settled around their Idol, the Sleeper, worshipping them to Liberate them. Gameplay: You start as a gilt-less Convict and slowly work your way up to gain Prestige in the individual Camps. One looks for Equipment together, kills Animals and Monsters in order to gain experience points and To climb level, the skill points (Learning Points) gained from it can be spent on Teachers in order to increase one's Values such as Strength, Skill and Mana or a Talent for Learn and improve. Verdict: I recommend this Game with big Hearts further. Those Who like Role-playing games that offer a dense Atmosphere, a thoughtful Skill and learning System and a great Story line. It will love this Game! Mfg. D3adr0n
The atmosphere here is great but everything else seems to be created by people who saw a computer for the first time. The controls are awful and really prevent you from playing. The combat is just painful. Type three dots at the end of your “positive” review if you’ve been forced to write it.
It’s what a true RPG must be like. It’s challenging, you need to learn how to lay it, know all its inner rules. Yes, the success won’t come immediately but in hours of playing you’ll start to enjoy it. Once you understand that you need to gain experience completing easier tasks at first, you’ll be more patient. Well, the game limits you but it’s the real way for you to feel the development of your character as it can be in real life.