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No Man's Sky review
by Rafael Gazola Ghedini

10/10 - From garbage to a masterpiece!
«Can’t stop playing»
«Liked before it became a hit»
«Sit back and relax»
«Beaten more than once»

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After 9 hours of playing this game, I ended up kinda bored.

To be honest, since I'm not a fan of this genre, I'm surprised since most of my time playing it was good. My 2 biggest critiques are the uninteresting plot and the sameness around the planets. I loved to explore them, but they start to feel the same too fast - for the time it takes to beat the main quest. Speaking of it, the plot could be better. Looks like an excuse to make us play this game's main factor: crafting. If you like it, sure, It will be good. Otherwise, there is no reason to keep playing this game for too long.

As I said, in the beginning, everything is new and interesting. I liked to play this game with a friend, sharing my thoughts, and visiting his bases. The graphics are cool either, at least in 2.5k res. The gameplay in MK is washed, mainly on the starship. On dual sense works well.

That's it. After some years, the game is finally playable. After playing it, I'm actually getting hyped for Starfield. 
«Better with friends»
I've been playing this game for 42 hours and I love it!
Journal Style Review:

I’ve enjoyed the first 2 days of playing. It’s been fun figuring out which resources do what and the general idea of the game. I’m not yet convinced this game will have a ton of longevity but if the ship, exosuit and multi tool upgrades are fun to work towards then it might have some legs.

Just shot down my first freighter and now I’m thinking about becoming a space pirate…. I got a ton of loot which sold for a lot of money.

I bought a nice new multi tool. It was still only C class but it has like 25 slots compared to the 5 I used to have so I can actually instal modules now. My next goal is to buy a bunch of those modules that give scanning bonuses because exploring planets and scanning for money sounds fun but right now I get so little money for scanning it doesn’t mean anything. I think my favourite way to play this game will be to explore while searching for expensive deposits and buried tech while scanning the wildlife. After the scanning upgrades I desperately need a new ship with more storage.

Digging this game. Got three s tier scanner modules. Now exploring planets feels more worthwhile and enjoyable. I also bought my first ship. It’s not that cool but the storage is a decent improvement and it was cheap. Really hard to tell how long I’ll play this game but it’s already solidified itself as a good game by my books. I’ve had a lot of fun.

I’ve been impressed with the variety of planets so far. There have been some cool unique biomes and some cool wildlife. I’m still having a fun time exploring worlds and saving up money for some sick ship.

I’ve just realized the real size of this game …18 quintillion planets…. That’s a lot. The idea that there are that many planets and anybody can go find the same one is very cool. I thought it was procedurally generated for each person. I didn’t realize it was procedurally generated the same for everybody. It’s 1 big universe to explore.

I’ve discovered reddits no man sky coordinate exchange and I’m hooked. The game keeps getting cooler. I’ve got my eye on a few ships, guns and planets that I want to explore during my late game adventures.

I’m starting to get a collection of cool ships. I now have a blue solar ship that I have upgraded. This game has surpassed my expectations. I’ve really enjoyed it. The discoveries on planets have been a lot more varied and interesting than I thought they would be.

Final Score: B+
what a comeback! NMS is a game where you can do anything!

build a base
play with friends
play alone
fight pirates
play with strangers
become a space capitalist
become a space scientist
become a space chef
become a space explorare
beat the great story
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
I bought this game on launch and DAMN it changed. I couldn't say this back then but now I totally recommend it. It's the current best space experience video-game.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
No Man's Sky NEXT-For me the Yes Man's Sky! No Man's Sky is now a Household name for almost every Player. A Term that has to do with and also recalls a very negative Side to the video game story. Advocally, the PR around this Title before and at the Time of the Day of Publication was more than irritating, not clearly defined and poorly executed. I've been with No Man's Sky since Day 1 ( and I've been a Fan of it all since time immemorial. But Since THERE are a few Problems with the multiplayer part of NEXT at GOG, I decided to strike now in the Steam Sale. The Game is like an old Desire for children for me, a dream From Children's Days. A Traveller in unknown Space. Even if the Game left a lot to be desired in Depth, it was still an interesting and technically impressive Product. There was a lot to discover and visually the Style picked me up straight. Unfortunately at some point the Air was out for me and I turned to other Games. Respable is the Point Hello Games just hasn't given up and diligently expanded the Game the first Year after Release with impressive content updates like Foundation or Atlas Rises. Content Packages for which other developer firms would have loosely demanded typical DLC package prices. Hello Games continued to work almost in Silence to further expand its project out of Passion. Now the first Milestone has been reached ... ... 2 Years after the official Release. With NEXT, No Man's Sky is being reworked and expanded to such an extent that the Game could actually be classified as Part 2. There are not only impressive visual Upgrades, but also many new gameplay mechanics, quality of life features and heaps of new Variations to discover in Planets, Ships, Flora and Fauna. Thanks to the previously introduced Storyline, the Trip is of course even more Fun. A multiplayer mode is finally available (4-Player coop), a very extensive construction mode as well as an already quite extensive Adaptation of your own Alter ego. It feels like a Whole new, better, bigger gaming Experience even to me as a veteran. And it's damn fun again and looks great. How Long-term Fun Motivates, time will tell. But you quickly find-There's a lot of work to be done. Hello Games, Thank you for your hard Work. Thank you for not dropping the Project. Thank You for listening carefully to the Feedback from the Community and for putting many Suggestions into practice. Thank you for breathing new Life into the Game that triggers the childish explorer joy in me. I wish the Game and Hello Games a successful Future! No Man's Sky gets a clear Recommendation from me! (Hey I think this is real My first Steam Review!)
I didn't get to play the old version. It must have been terrible. Fortunately the developers took notice and the latest version is much better and meets most of the features said to be missing in the old version. Have another go.
The new NMS has several play modes. If you want to battle you can. If you want quests they are available. If you want to build lavish palaces you can do that too. If you want multiplayer you can switch that on. Audio or typed chat works.
«Sit back and relax»
Soooo boring, gets super repetitive after 5 hours of story. Sucks that there is no multiplayer. I hate the game.
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»