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Asphalt 9: Legends review
by Cody A.

A very good arcade racer with great controls and fun physics. The gas system is annoying but to be expected from a free to play game. It's a great substitute to any tripleA racer if you don't have the money to get one

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I cannot believe how much predatory this game is. It's so sad cuz I remember being so fucking hyped to play Asphalt 6, 7, and 8 back in the day. The previous one was destroyed since it became F2P. This one was born like that and it's even worse.

To get cars, you basically have to farm diagrams, which takes time (and real money sometimes). Once you have the car you wanted, if it's available for free, get ready to take ages to upgrade it (at some point, to continuously upgrade your car, you'll need more diagrams). It's expensive and you earn a little bit of nothing from each race. You'll have to watch an ad at the end of the race - when it's available - to gain a worthy amount of money. That's the only way to get an ok money per event (3x the normal value).

Do you think it's end there? Dude, the races are exaggeratedly fast. Why? Cuz this way you will have to see more ads to refill your car - and the eventual ones that Popoff from nowhere. Also, some races are even less than 50% of the map. Dude, it's so boring.

And the factor that, at last, made me uninstall the game was the IA. Tell me, what is the point of upgrading your car if the difficulty is going to scale to your level? And worse, they will openly cheat. Sometimes you'll get a major gap from your opponents and they, all of a sudden, spawns behind you and pass you absurdly fast, like your car was stopped. Dude, it's bizarre how much stupid this is. How can my opponent's car be so fast compared to mine if my HP is almost double of required? Just to you lose and restart it.

It's sad to see a beloved franchise being butchered like this. Fuck new Gameloft.
«Waste of time»
Loads of fun for a free-to-play game.
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Microsoft from Italian
For me this game is the best you can have for smartphones and I'm sure no dinners are better, but I put only 4 stars for some small things that could be arranged in a future update, for example commands, is very interesting the new Mode that year added, but I prefer the second with the steering on the edges of the screen, the problem that being very large keys force me to press in the middle of the phone, and unfortunately I happen to press the brake by mistake, the idea would be to be able to move The icons at will from the command menu in such a way that they no longer bother you when you turn. One thing that is missing is the restart button during a race, for example if you are on the last corner and accidentally press the brake instead of shooting risks to go crashing, or if the player is slow, not to arrive first or not to finish the race in the position Preset, so it would be nice to be able to add the restart button instead of returning to the menu and having to reload all over again. I hope to have been helpful in order to improve the game and have more fun for all
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Microsoft from Deutsch
I've been playing on the iPhone 3GS since Asphalt 4 to Asphalt 9 on iPhone X. You can see directly on the X: The Game shows how beautiful it can be! The Graphics are the Madness. For my Part, it was hard to imagine! Some think that it is Hardly very different from Asphalt 8. I have to disagree on That. I think the Asphalt 9 on older iPhones (from 7 down) doesn't look as great as on the current Devices. However, it looks brilliant on the iPhone X. To the Game I can only say that Concept I see pleases well. It is not all impossible but also not too easy to have. The blueprint system can be frustrating, but keeps the Fun Of Play longer. Since you can set a few Cars as a Target. I don't see Pay-To-Win here. However, you are faster than usual with Investments (you Know about the Developer). However, I don't resent that with such a great game. Even the Advertisement is not simply displayed In this way, but you can watch Advertisements for Blueprints and Credits in a targeted way. The Controls and Control Options are perfect. Lying With Touch Drive and sitting Quite classically steer with your Mobile phone. Conclusion: Super Game, super Graphics, super Events that are very fancy and offer good wins as well as the customizable and versatile Control System. Just the Madness. Addiction Guarantee!!!