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Stargate review
by ItsAHobby

I'm going to be honest and say this game is actually not terribly bad, for its time at least.
You play as a brown ship that murders poor defenseless aliens on the ground. But they deserved it, they're green! (I'm not racist for green people I swear)

The secret here is to go as fast as possible and pray that you hit some ships eventually, not very fun but going fast does have its merit.

Overall, rating out of 100:
Story: 0
You're telling me I have to watch 17 SEASONS of Stargate so I can understand what's going on?! Piss off! Eat garbage! Do a front flip! Write me a thesis on quantum physics! Build me a ship! Massage my feet!
...Oh, they're not related? Well that's even worse, this game has no story.

Gameplay: 5
The ship does in fact go very fast. Pew pew.

Graphics: 5
Compared to other titles from the same year or previous, it's not very impressive.

Sound/Music: 1
Not as bad as Computer Space but I did have to switch my eardrums.

That leaves this game with a pew pew'ing 11.  I'll forget about this one in the next few secon-
Wait, what game is this again?