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HuniePop review
by Minenik

A gift from god

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2000000/10 Would jerk off and play candy crush again
«Can’t stop playing»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
As stupid as it sounds, HuniePOP Saga is an ingenious Pastime for People with some Degree to Anime and blissful humor including Ecchi should really strike, at first Glance it seems like one of those stupid Japanese Dating Simulators (which it is too) But when you play a boredom you almost build something like a "Relationship" with the different Chars on as stupid as it may sound. Apart from that, it is quite demanding, especially in the later Course Of The game, and the same Mini-game is becoming more and more complex, even if at first Glance it looks just like a typical "CandyCrush." All in all, the Game has its own Humour (which you should also partly think of yourself). However, I recommend bypassing some Certain German Locks so that the Game can have a full effect with its "Humor." Personally, I think it's a great Game that deserves a Part of 2;D
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I have now spent a little over 20 Hours of Playing Time in HuniePop and have to say: It was throw every Hour! I became aware of this exclusive Title through a well-known Lebanese Friend, who spotted it in the Summer Sale and was able to get hold immediately for him and me. HuniePop'S Gameplay is quite simple in its Broad Features. You get to know a total of 12 Girls (there are two Secret Characters, so much be revealed) that needs to be towed off. But this reveals a radical Difference from Reality: While Girls or Women are in Fact Based on Appearance, character, social Circumstances, etc. You Value the Women in HuniePop already like you when you're a Pro in Candy Crush. Yes, exactly-it's as simple as that! In addition, you have to talk to the Ladies from time to time to find out their Age, their Size, or (and they answer this Question immediately after Getting To know them-how practical!) their Cup Size. If they test whether you listen well, then wrong Answers are not a Problem either, mainly, you buy the always hungry B i t c h e s enough to Eat and (racist in the Japanese Woman) gifts. In short: Buy Gifts-talk-buy Food-date-Candy Crush. With 5 successful Dates you have wild and uninhibited Candy Crush-Sex. I make a clear Recommendation to the Game. It's varied, innovative, realistic, there are lots of girls with Double D and even the erotic Component doesn't come up short. I continue to find very good the diverse Nationalities represented by the Girls. In addition, the Dialogue Options are specifically adapted to your own Character, whether you are a Boy or a Girl. Graphically, this Triple A Title keeps everything you don't expect from it (GTA can pack in). The Only Shortcoming, in my Opinion, is that on the one hand there is too little Dough in the Game, that would significantly enhance the Whole thing once again. On the other hand, a Figure modelled on the brilliant French Writer Gudule would have done the Game very well. Because you know-without Gudule everything is doof (alternatively: "Gudule does everything better"; "Gudule before, another Gate"; "Gudule is just as good as Dough") Overall, HuniePop receives 8.5/10 Stars from me. Keep it up, dear Development Team!! I would like to take this Opportunity to thank Daniel P.D. again for his musical Accompaniment to the Accordion, 150g. Butter for its inspiring Poetry As well as Oberarm/DerTiger95 simply for Existence:)