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Mario Bros. (1983) review
by ItsAHobby

Bro, it's Mario, bro. BRO.
This game was a huge step in gaming back when, and it still influenced a lot of games today! Like for example, there's one pretty famous called Super Mario, which is obviously a copycat. I mean he might be a bro but he ain't no bros. He is? Ah well. Still a copycat.

So in here you play as your favorite troublemaker, Luigi and his younger brother Mario, in search of the princess Daisy...
Something doesn't sound right here... Oh right! Mario is older.
Anyways, the game's graphics are still pretty good to this day, the gameplay is solid and the soundtrack? Mpfah (imagine I kissed my hand, french-style (not french kissing style, just that thing they do (NOT FRENCH KISSING))) perfection. 
All around well-round, it's memorable and fun to play! 
I'm... Surprised.. I think I'm gonna cry.

Overall, rating out of 100:
Story: 40
Save the princess, blah blah. If I only had that to go by that, i'd give it 0 points.
But, the characters and world design is so unique that it's still memorable to this day, so take those 40 points and leave me alone.

Gameplay: 35
I mean you just jump and shoot fireballs sometimes and, while it works, there's just not much more to it. It's good and it does its job though.

Graphics: 50
Relatively speaking, of course. The game is incredibly pretty, in my opinion it still holds up very nicely.

Soundtrack: 70
Timeless, and it didn't make my cochlea go BOOOOOM so that's a huge plus.

This leaves Mario and gang with... 195 out of 400! The hell? That's super high! Did I count it wrong? Ah well, Mario deserves it for every time Peach was in another castle. I mean, Daisy. I MEAN, ROSALIN- I MEAN ZEL- WHAT?