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Dishonored review
by Rafael Gazola Ghedini

«That ending!»
«Beaten more than once»

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A classic. A fantastic stealth game set in levels full of content, multiple ways to solve levels and a great set of powers to play around with. The game looks and sounds beautiful. The only problem is the morality system which punishes you for using a good portion of your power set.
«Blew my mind»
shall we gather for whiskey and cigars
Honestly? Great game. I went into this expecting it to be a dated title with some clunky mechanics that have shown their age after 10 years, but, surprisingly, I had a blast. The story is very predictable, the game is relatively short, and there are some other flaws -- but the gameplay and combat are too fun. It's just so satisfying to stop time and blink across the map taking down your enemies in stealth: you just feel like a ninja/assassin god. The gameplay loop never really got tiring to me, and there are plenty of different ways to approach each level which I would imagine makes replayability very favorable. I also really appreciated that the non-lethal options were always compelling, satisfying, and made sense within the greater, steampunk theme of the Dunwall world that is here. Overall, I definitely recommend this one -- it's not one of the best games I've played, but it's definitely going to be up there with some of my favorite stealth games ever.

Overall: 8/10
Plaisant, rapide, univers riche, scenario pas terrible cependant
good game with great sandbox. The world is well build and beliveble.
Probably the best 1st person stealth game since Thief
«Blew my mind»
What stands out to me the most about Dishonored is how Arkane Studios managed to create an incredible story and world that is alive and complex and then create a masterful stealth game that is jampacked with innovation that the genre has never seen and finally create a challenging gameplay system that slowly ramps up over the course of the game and never makes the player overpowered. 
Great game, I love the dystopian vibe the art style is amazing and great characters, I was still finding new stuff even after I had finished it a couple times
Actually pretty good. I didn’t play this game when it originally came out. It has fun creative gameplay and a unique style to it. The lore is cool. The story is meh. The overall experience was good.

Final Score: B+