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Excitebike review
by ItsAHobby

Not bad, I think for the time it was actually pretty good. Hard to recommend it today though.
You play as an immortal biker that can roll 30 times in a row with his bike, going downhill. Pretty cool guy, wish we heard more about him. Anyways the game is exactly what the title says, you... Wait, no it's not. You don't actually excite your bike. Huh, I feel ripped off.

The stunts are fun and the controls are good. The physics are actually impressive for a game its age. So what's wrong with it? Well there's just not much to do, it's very repetitive.
You just jump around with your bike hoping that it won't fly away at 3000 mph and you won't have to hear the DREADFUL sound of you running back. Seriously it's hella creepy. And it takes too long.

Overall, rating out of 100:
Story: 0
You're just a biker guy, and that's fine, no story needed.

Gameplay: 10
It's pretty fun for the first few minutes, then it gets boring.

Graphics: 10
It's okay.

Sound/Music: 2
There's only a soundtrack for the title screen, but that's actually good because the music sounds dorky as hell, give it a listen:

That leaves the game with a front-flippin' 22 out of 400. I gotta listen to that title screen theme again. BAHAHAHAHA

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Gameplay 7/10. Graphics 8/10. Soundtrack 3/10. Storyline 6/10. OVERALL 6.0/10. (A: 5.5)
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