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1942 review
by ItsAHobby

While not particularly anything spetacular, this game did inspire a lot of future games, so it's interesting to see one of the first few.
That said, it's not too bad either. Pfft, sure, you've got 3000 planes shooting at you and you immediately explode if anything so much grazes your plane, along with terribly clunky controls. But, yeah, it's satisfying to shoot other planes and dodging stuff.

So...  Overall, rating out of 100:
Story: 1
It probably has its setting in WWII, so you've got that. That's all though.

Gameplay: 10
I'd give it more points if it didn't play exactly like it feels on an arcade machine, it's very clunky considering control is everything in bullet hell games, even if this one isn't at the level of something like Touhou for example.

Graphics: 5
They're not very pretty, to be honest. The animations are so-so.

Sound/Music: -5
It's like Satan himself thought: "Damn, I'm gonna be the sound designer? Don't worry guys I got you" and then proceeded to slap every button, turn the sensitivity to 500% and SCREAM.
Of course, it wasn't Satan who actually made the sounds for the game, 'cause even him wouldn't do something so evil.

This leaves 1942 with an ear-deafening barrel-rolling 11 out of 400! I can HEAR the pixels!

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