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Spelunker review
by ItsAHobby

Don't touch this game if you want to have fun.
Spelunker on paper and at first seems to be pretty cool. I mean you're a miner of sorts and you jump around and go deeper into the cave and- What's there not to like?
Well, one thing: THE FALL DAMAGE
Or should I say fall desintegration? There isn't any damage, you just go *poof* like Thanos decided you living was a waste.

If your character falls as much as one feet YOU'RE DEAD. How is that a good design choice? In a platformer? What?
The game's traps and whole difficulty is also centered around this one mechanic. And no you don't die when you touch the ground, you die while you're in the AIR. THE. AIR. H20. Wait no, that's water... O2! O motherspelunking 2!

Other than that it'd be a pretty fun game, but because of it I wasn't able to enjoy anything.

Overall, rating out of 100:
Story: 0
Mining man go *ouch I tripped, guess I'll die* haha.

Gameplay: -50
Contrary to most games I've played before, this one actually punishes you for playing.

Graphics: 0
It's gold, but it ain't pretty, boy.

Sound/Music: 10
It's so-so.

This leaves Spelunker with a I-hope-the-sequels-are-better -40 out of 400! Damn explosions nearly gave me seizures.
«Waste of time»