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Hang-On review
by ItsAHobby

Nice! Took me a while to realize why my bike was slower than everyone else's, and after a few beatings and crashings I realized: you have to change gears, dumbass. So I did. So I went fast. Faster than everyone else, I was going with the wind.
Plains, desert, city. I was speeding through it all. But for what purpose? Why was I racing? Why did I have to go so... fast? My initial purpose forgotten, I kept racing without an objective in sight. As I observed others do the same I wondered, why is it we race? Is it for the adrenaline? Is it fun? Or did I have a motive behind it?
Whatever it was, it's long gone now. All I have is... speed. So I'll keep racing, I'll send a message to the world.

Overall, rating out of 100:
Story: 0
No insight given as to why so many people are racing a country-wide course, and why we don't die when we explode. Perhaps they're replacements? We'll never know.

Gameplay: 20
Changing gears is pretty intuitive, and that's good 'cause you'll be doing it a lot. Also you go FAST.

Graphics: 10
They're good.

Sound/Music: 5

That leaves Hang-On hanging on with 35 out of 400! Tell me, why do you wear helmets if you just explode in impact?