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Ice Climber review
by ItsAHobby

Even though I personally didn't enjoy it, I can see the appeal. The jumping is terrible which is strange, because the whole game is about jumping and breaking blocks. You can bonk monsters to make them run to the opposite direction which is funny. Other than that this game doesn't give much, but it could be fun? I mean it's probably cooler (heh) in real life, as you can just stack a bunch of iceblocks on top of each other and climb them. And then proceed to smash'em with a hammer and call for help because now your whole house is flooded with cold water.

Overall, rating out of 100:
Story: 5
There's actually... Something? Seems like this Popo guy likes to climb as a hobby, which I can appreciate.

Gameplay: 10
Even though the jumping made me want to jump in real life (from the highest mountain I could find), it was cool (heh) sometimes.

Graphics: 10
They're cute. And the animations are also cute.

Sound/Music: 5

This leaves Ice Climbers with a solid (heh) 30 out of 400! I really need a bigger variety of cool (heh) jokes.

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Gameplay 5/10. Graphics 7/10. Soundtrack 5/10. Storyline 4/10. OVERALL 5.25/10. (A 6.5)
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