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Layla review
by ItsAHobby

Wow! This one is definitely underrated! I was very pleasantly surprised by how solid the gameplay and graphics are, and there is even a little bit of story there. The levels are clever and fun, the monster don't take 8000 hits to die, the movement is fast and precise, there are multiple weapons and bosses, what the hell? What?! Huh?! 
Easily became one of FAVORITE NES games, and it's sad to see it's not very well known. Ah, well.
My only complaint is that the sounds are pretty below average, and the sound when you're about to die is EAR DESTROYING.
Other than that, holy crap this game is great.
You play as a space girl that has a space bike that goes through asteroids?? It may seem like one of those bullet hell games, but it's actually a sidescroller in the style of metroid and such. There are passwords so you can progress the game without starting from the beginning everytime.
If you start off the game and go down the elevator, you see something along the lines of "Go up!" which is pretty funny and shows that the developers thought and actually played the game.

Definitely a gem. Overall, rating out of 100:
Story: 10
It's not explicitly told to you but there are bits and pieces that you can figure out.

Gameplay: 100
Tis fun! Tis fun and such shall receive a high score. Also worth to note for anyone that plays the game, if you sprint for a while (run for a few blocks) you will also JUMP higher, so basically you take momentum and allows you to jump blocks that you wouldn't be able to.

Graphics: 60
Wow. Everything from the levels to the characters, pretty good.

Sound/Music: 0
No. No. No. It's bearable but when you have low life? Holy crap just restart the game and you're better off that way. The background also FLASHES RED if the agonizing sounds weren't enough.

This leaves Layla with a BLASTING 170 out of 400! There are even bonus levels that you control the bike!