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Metroid review
by ItsAHobby

It's a good game, but it has non-linear progression and that along with the fact that there is no map and the best ending is only achieved if you beat the game in under one hour and... Yeah.
The levels aren't really that unique, the controls are restrictive. The enemies are cool and all but that doesn't make it for me at least. For example you can't even crouch and shoot, instead you turn into a ball which doesn't allow you to shoot at all. 

Eh, hopefully the other Metroid games are better, I can't recommend this one now though. Perhaps it was a lot more fun way back when.

Overall, rating out of 100:
Story: 10
Like Castlevania, there's a story there, I think. It's probably in the manual, as always.

Gameplay: 5
It's worse than Castlevania somehow.

Graphics: 10
They're not very impressive.

Sound/Music: 0
Nope, not even this one.

That leaves Metroid ballin' with 25 out of 400! Worth for Samus taking off her helmet (not really).

Other reviews3

Cool concept, but the mechanics just weren't there. Many parts of this game seem unnecessarily difficult. Ex. why are there enemies on the ground if you can't aim your weapon down? I respect the attempt to blend platforming, action, and exploration, but the execution fell short.
Gameplay 8/10. Graphics 9/10. Soundtrack 8/10. Storyline 7/10. OVERALL 8/10. (A 8.0)
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