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Pokémon Sun, Moon review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Journal Style Review:
The opening is so slow. Kind of boring. I’m looking forward to actually playing the game once I’m out of the tutorial portion but at 2 hours in it still feels like a tutorial in a way.

These skull villains are hilariously bad. All of the writing is awful. The story is slow and awful (I mean it’s for kids so whatever). Catching and fighting Pokemon on the other hand is pretty fun. Can’t deny that. They really haven't made a lot of changes to how Pokemon plays. I’m okay with that at the moment since it’s been about 10 years since I’ve played. It’s has some nostalgia for sure.

Super dumb story. Even for kids. But still fun for the simple Pokémon mechanics. It’s an easy relaxing game.

I don’t think I like the Z moves. I don’t think any of the major changes are that great. Also it feels a bit light on new Pokémon. Still it’s relatively addictive still and pretty easy going to play. Planning out a party of balanced Pokémon is still fun.

I’m like 12 hours in. It’s fun, but I think a lot of that is because I play it during times I’m bored and don’t have anything else to do. Its essentially the same game as the old ones with a handful of new Pokémon and a couple bad decisions on game mechanics. It’s fine for what it is. A relaxing time killer for times when you have to wait somewhere.

I’m calling it even though I didn’t finish. It’s not worth my time. Even when travelling.

Final Score: B

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A decent remix on the gym formula. The start is painfully slow though
You just get interrupted every 4 steps
I'm a huge Pokémon fan, and this is my favourite in the series so far. I love the Hawaiian theme, the way the island challenges changed up from the gym system, and the new Pokémon. Once again the story and characters are memorable, and I have grown attached to them.
«Sit back and relax»