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Phantasy Star review
by ItsAHobby

Wowie this game looks really good, it has one of the best graphics for NES and cutscenes, really pushed the limits of 8 bits. Also it has a story, but its just like every other game out there (kill the bad guy). The concept is really interesting, and it's not just straight up medieval normie RPG, it kinda has a Dragon Ball vibe for me.
It's EXTREMELY GRINDY to the point where you're better off playing the game as a side thing and watching a video on youtube or listening to a podcast, it's THAT level of grindness. And that's a no-no.
The art is beautiful and it also has cutscenes which I haven't seen in any games before (from that time). If you can tolerate the grindy nature of JRPGS from this time, the game is pretty fun. Personally I enjoy grindy games so I didn't mind much, so this game is definitely a recommend from me.
I can tolerate grind, yes. I can. What I can't tolerate are those MAZES, THOSE LABYRINTHS, MADE FOR YOU TO KEEP LOCKED FOR YEARS INSIDE! YEARS! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I'VE BEEN LOCKED THERE? I'm terrible with directions.

Many times have I gotten to a door on the first cave thinking "whee finally I can proceed" just to receive a slap on my face upon realizing that I walked in a circle and actually just left the damn cave. Also, it's a cave, right? Why does it look like a labyrinth and NOT A CAVE?

You play as Allis (I may have forgotten her name already) that wants to avenge her brother, killed by... Raviolli? Venice? Lechic? Lessic? Oh, Lessic. Great, it's one of those games with weird damn names. If you want the whole story go read the massive info dump on the manuals that old games love so much.
You get some companions along the way, like Odin! Wait, Odin?! ....uh, anyways, it plays exactly the way you think an old JRPG would.

Overall, rating out of 100:
Story: 15
Extra points for not being a straightforward "there's a bad guy and we'll kill him", instead being a "there's a bad guy and he killed my brother so let's kill him". Actually would've liked to play AS the bad guy, he looks cool.

Gameplay: 30
Way more grindy than it should be, if it was toned a bit down I'd give more points. (also, one of the skills is "BYE" which makes you run away, I laughed my ass off when I saw that, but it does have its uses)

Graphics: 100
Simply breath taking, as quoted by Beanu Rivers. I think he said that. I'm not good with names.

Sound/Music: 10
Considering everything, this section is definitely lacking. Not memorable or good at all, but it does fill the void of no sounds. So... better than nothing I suppose.

That leaves Phantasy Star with a Phantastic (TM) 155 out of 400! Can someone lend me a guide so I can get out of here?

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Played on the Nintendo Switch.

Phantasy Star is a reasonably fun early era JRPG.  I was surprised  how many staples of JRPG were in PS, considering it was basically the first of its kind.  The story was incredibly simple, and I ended up using the internet for help on a few parts because one sign you are playing a late 80’s rpg is that game gives you no hints whatsoever at what to do next.

I wish there more character development, even in an older game like this, but it still felt like I was playing a piece of history.  Looking forward to playing the second one and what improvements they make.