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Minecraft: Dungeons review
by Avent

It is a fun experience for some hours especially in co-op but it gets boring pretty fast. It lacks content and a variety of equipment and skills

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The gameplay is pretty basic and even though I had high level gear for most of the game, I felt there were a few bosses that had huge difficulty spikes. You can definitely tell in spots that they intend for you to be playing with others. There is a good variety of gear that I wasn't expecting. It wasn't super clear how the quest structure was but once you realize it's made for replay and grinding it makes sense. The base game is especially sparse paving the way for their multiple DLC options. I didn't get any as this was just a limit time Plus game but they look reasonably priced at $6 a piece of $20 to get everything. Overall I enjoyed it and I think if they did a sequel with more refined systems, maybe an actual class system and a more engaging story they could have a great game.
Hades but easier and less stressful
«Sit back and relax»
To put it simply, Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons is not just a fun game it’s simple to understand and play! There are a handful of family-friendly games out there, and they’ve always had one thing in common: They’re not made to be simple. This game, above all things, is beautiful. With the Minecraft brand, Microsoft is taking a leap into the realm of gaming, while also teaching gamers complex concepts like tactics and strategy in an easy-to-understand manner.
8/10 - Great Diablo-like game, its very fun and it's great to give to childrens to play and learn to ove hack n' slash RPG's.
«Can’t stop playing»
Sit back and relax!
Play while you listen a podcast
«Sit back and relax»
Dungeons is pretty basic, but that's what makes it fun. It's seriously lacking an endgame, and if development continues it could turn into something really unique. For $20, this is a pretty good, mindless ARPG. 

MC Dungeons' strongest aspect is the creativity and flexibility it demands from its players. I'll outline how by talking about the progression vectors available. 

1. Level. This doesn't actually make you any more powerful, but it does increase the quality of the loot that drops. It also gives you enchantment points to spend on item affixes for your weapons and armor.
2. Campaign. As you play the game, you gain access to more levels and harder difficulties, which allow you to collect a wider variety of loot and higher "Power Level" gear. Each level has a specific drop table, so if you need a particular piece of gear, you can focus your efforts on a specific level. In addition to some secret hidden levels, there's hidden runes scattered throughout all levels that unlock a new even more secret level once you've found them all. Overall, there's 15 levels available, each with different drop tables and some degree of randomization. In my opinion, level randomization is relatively poor when compared to games like Torchlight and Diablo. You run out of levels to play and difficulties to climb after around 20 hours of playtime.
3. Gear. You get six pieces: Melee, Ranged, Armor, and three Artifacts. They get more powerful, somewhat linearly, as your level increases and as you play on harder difficulties. Melee weapons vary in terms of their attack speed, range, how many they hit, combo attacks, etc. Ranged weapons vary in their attack speed, ammo pools, number of arrows fired, and ability to charge attacks. Armor affixes are a little more interesting. They always come with a health boost, then depending on the armor type, they might have damage reduction, a damage boost, a speed boost, cool down reduction, etc. Finally, artifacts are your abilities. There's a lot of variety, and they support many different playstyles in both solo and multiplayer play, ranging from casters to tanks to fast attacking rogues to heavy hitting hammer users.
5. Enchantments. Items can roll with 1, 2, or 3 randomized enchantment slots. These are the primary ways you will be customizing your character. Enchantments are varied and interesting, but due to the random nature of enchantments, you'll likely be unable to find ones that work perfectly for your build all of the time. This system works best when you are flexible and adapt your build to the gear you come across. 

The game is basic, and, like minecraft, has its strength in discovery and experimentation. If the game were to add in mod support, it would become a fantastic platform for ARPG gaming. Hopefully the developers are paying careful attention to feedback and build on the great groundwork they've already set down.