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INSIDE review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Concise Review:
Amazing short little puzzle game. The atmosphere and art design is top notch. I loved the aesthetic. I loved the different areas. I loved all the different deaths. The puzzles were creative and built upon themselves while keeping it unique throughout the whole experience. Only thing holding it back from higher ranks is the ~3 hour playtime. I loved every minute of it. 

Journal Style Review:

I Immediately like the art style. Looks very nice. Also the guys killing the kid in that first scene was cool. I like that the kid gets killed. Oh god then he gets shot and then drowned! Great deaths so far. Within like 10 minutes I can tell I love the style of this game. The graphics, lighting, and atmosphere are very well done. Will the gameplay and puzzles be good is the question. 

The eaten by dog death is quite brutal. Why do I find these deaths satisfying?

First 30 mins of puzzles have been pretty good. I’ve felt clever a few times.

Maybe 1 hour or 1.5 hours in. I’m thoroughly enjoying this game. I’ve said it before but this art style and atmosphere works so well for me. The puzzles have been very clever so far as well. Or at least they feel clever. I am trying to think about how I can solve the problems, not “what do the developers want me to do” it’s a subtle difference that makes a huge difference in my enjoyment of puzzle games. I don’t always like puzzle game but this one really is working for me.

I’m internally struggling on where to place this game in the mega games ranking because I’m really enjoying it and think it’s very well done, but I know it’s short. The length of a game affects my rankings in the all time favourite games lists. It will be interesting to see where it lands. Very strong start though.

This game is a fucking adventure. I love it. Each new section has been great.

The puzzles are fantastic. They do a great job of building upon the last challenge and there are unique new objects or scenarios to keep it fresh.

Final blob area was amazing as well. This short little game was maybe 3 hours and every minute of it from start to finish was great. My only complaint is that I wish it was longer. I loved the journey that little kid took. Very cool game. Very cool. Ends as a high B+ which so far is the highest I’ve ranked a game this short. Also the highest 2D platformer/puzzle game. I’m impressed.

Final Score: B+

Other reviews22

Beautiful, mind bending, challenging and obscure in all the right measures. A stunning little game with some really neat puzzles and mechanics. Just the right length to not become boring and leaves you with lots to think about!
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
The design of the game is super. This game feels far better than limbo. The art and level designs are very good. I hate when it slows down and requires pin point perfection to solve some puzzles , other than that this is an awesome game.
Might consider replaying again .
I love how the options click in the settings. attention to detail I guess.
«Blew my mind»
Simply put: amazing. The game oozes an ominous, intruiging and noir atmosphere that keeps the tension and mystery building untill the very end. It's sound design is both seemless and terrifying. Games are art and Inside doesn't hesitate to show you.

«Blew my mind»
The successor to Limbo. This is such a creative world. I consider the puzzles less hard than Limbo. The suffocating atmosphere creates a tense gaming experience. The art direction is excellent. As I get older, I appreciate a game that does not require too much of a time investment and that gives a rich experience. This game can be picked up and put down again without too much time investment and it feels rewarding nonetheless.
«That ending!»
Weird story with good puzzles
I've been playing video games since the early/mid-2000s, and I am ashamed to say that I don't recall ever finishing a 2D platformer, probably mostly due to the naive notion that they just aren't "worthwhile" or as “good” as AAA games. And when I finally did properly finish one such game, it turned out to be one of the best video games I've ever played, period. Inside takes the best aspects of 3 undisputed gaming masterpieces and brilliantly makes them its own, expands on them and in some aspects even transcends those games. From Half-Life 2, it partly takes the futuristic setting run by a fascist government/organization, as well as, and more importantly, the physics-based gameplay, and no less significantly, telling the story and propelling the narrative without resort to cutscenes or non-diegetic hints, rather doing so much more subtly through the visual, aural and level design. It takes from Portal 2, the environment: "the inside," the test tube structure which bleeds into and informs the gameplay as well as the level designs, and even the story, demonstrated best by and the ultimate goal of breaking out. And finally, from Bioshock it inherits the ever disquieting atmosphere achieved through masterful visual and aural design, and even more notably, the "meta-ness" of the game, materialized (as in that game) in the theme of control, which only really becomes evident towards the end, and even then just for the most observant of players. The alternate ending gives Inside an edge over even Bioshock, in how much it pushes this idea, and in that it proposes a “solution,” to the “recurring problem” that the proper ending of the game turns out to really be: the only way to beat the test is to refuse to play in the first place. 
To fully appreciate the merits of the Inside, one has to also go in depth about the groundbreaking use of the fine line that the game walks between being 2 and 3 dimensional, the subtle camera moves, the astonishing graphic design etc. 
«Blew my mind»
«That ending!»
In Short: 
The one aspect this game is absolutely exceptional at is "atmosphere". If you're looking for anything deeper in terms of story or game-mechanics then you could pass on this one. If not, sit down for a couple hours & treat your eyes & ears with something special.

In Long:
To list the good first, the game is absolutely gorgeous. The world is dark & oppressive, the use of colour & framing is perfect and the sound-design is rounding everything of into a great experience. 
And all of this is with a careful use of minimalism to only use just enough colour, just enough sound and overall just enough information to make your mind fill in the rest. It leaves you on edge at all times, eager to know what will come next.
And without spoiling anything, it pays off on that front.

Unfortunately minimalism is also the games issue.
Personally I went into the game with some expectations based on their previous game called "Limbo". Because of that I ended up pretty disappointed in the puzzles & story of the game. 
The gameplay consists mostly just of "move right/left", "stop running" & "jump" ... and a lot of dying.
The game relishes in brutally killing your little avatar character and quickly sending you back to the last conveniently placed checkpoint. 
Because of this the shock aspect quickly fades into nothingness and instead just becomes a constant struggle of trial & error. 
The occasional puzzles also never really evolve into anything really challenging and only rarely introduce anything new at all.
The game also only really gives the illusion of a story & lore without actually giving you anything.
If you are into that sort of thing (like the cryptic story telling approach of Dark Souls) then you'll probably love this one too but, just like with a lot of things, this game expects you to fill in the blanks with your own imagination.
And to be fair, this is what had me hooked for the majority of the game.

Overall the gameplay & story aren't bad ... they are serviceable. Compared to that the good outshines all else tenfold and are definitely worth your money and time!
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Got this as part of Xbox's "Games with Gold".   I have LIMBO so I had an idea of the gameplay style but this was INFINITELY more creepy to me. The faceless men chasing the little guy.  The attack dogs. And the worst part - the long-haired underwater creature. I did well finding the hidden orbs at the start but quickly got caught up in just getting through the puzzles and forgot to search for them, which is what all the achievements are attached to! BUT it appears that once you finish the game, you can easily go back to any point in time so I plan on picking it up again and finding the orbs.

If you want a puzzle game that will keep you busy for a few hours and also give you goosebumps, INSIDE is a solid pick.