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Star Wars: Squadrons review
by Watashama

Great campaign. Obviously built for VR which is a tad frustrating for a console player without it. While I dug the in-between gear up sequences with good character backstories, they ultimately didn't pay off in any great ways and were tedious at times.

The multiplayer is very fun and incredibly challenging.
«Better with friends»

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Journal Style Review:

The prologue campaign mission is a reasonable tutorial. The opening cutscenes were alright, a bit better than I expected.

First couple dogfight rounds were okay. I suspect I will like the other mode better when I unlock it. The game seems to have a reasonable amount of Customization and unlocks. The gameplay itself was interesting and seems like it has some depth to it. I didn’t feel very good to start. I can’t tell if I should play inverted or not. And I don’t know which stick I want to be roll and yaw. I have to think about it and I won’t be good until I’m not thinking about the buttons.

A few more dogfights in, I’m still finding it difficult to get kills. It’s a hard game. It’s tough to track and hit enemies. There is actually a lot going on with the constant speed changes, or directing power or simply using all your equipment at the right time. This feels like the type of game where something is going to click and then I’ll be wrecking people. But I don’t know, it hasn’t happened yet. So far I’d say I can tell the core gameplay is well done and will have an audience that loves it, but I don’t know yet if I will be in that audience. I think this game is going to be very difficult to master and has a very high skill cap.

Current Score: B