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Star Fox 64 (1997) review
by rawgdawg

I gotta be honest, I think the Star Fox series is just overrated. The first entry gets a pass, as it was essentially a tech demo showing what is possible with 3d graphics and gameplay. Star Fox 64 was the opportunity to finally realize that ambition, and I just don't see how it does. This sequel is remarkably similar to its 16 bit predecessor. With SF 64, you get the same on rails mechanics, the same series of short levels, and mostly the same control scheme, with the exception of the analog stick. I also hold a distaste for the time padding mechanic of requiring the game to be beaten in one try. This trick was necessary in older games with limited capabilities, but the N64 was long past pulling that shit. When you look at the amount of actual content in this game, it's pretty pitiful for a first party AAA release. 

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«Can’t stop playing»
I find this game messy and hard to play... not my cup of tea.