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Right in advance: I play in offline mode and my Steamspielzeit doesn't reflect my real Playing Time. So after playing over 40h and enjoying all 9 Ends, I can now say something about the Game. Who all this can jump too long to my Conclusion ^^ First for Veterans of the Way of the Samurai series: There are, as always, no extreme Differences from Predecessors. The most important Innovations are the Spring Harvest and the fighting styles are no longer tied to the Weapons. For Newcomers: Right as a Warning: This Game is usually over after about 4 h, BUT WotS lives on its Replay value and if you want to see all the Story ends it has to play through at least 9 times. But that's not bad at all because you can take collected Weapons and Fighting Styles with you in The new Game Run. The Items and the Money raised can be found in the Player's Chest, but let's start over. Japan shortly after the Arrival of the Foreigners (i.e. in the middle Of the 19th century). A wandering Ronin (stateless Samurai and the Player) arrives in the City of Amihama. To begin with he already learns that here the ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ e is really on the Vapor, because 3 fractions are fighting in the city: On the one hand, these are the people of the Shogunate (The Stewards and Protectors of the City), the British (foreign guests, whose Influence is through many Western Building and a private Quarter is clearly visible) and the Prajnas (people who want to expel the Foreigners in order to keep their culture and traditions away from the western influence). Our Ronin is directly involved in a confrontation of the factions, which the 3 do not yet know that this ronin can change everything. how? Now that alone is up to the Player and what Decisions he makes. This is also the biggest fascinating thing about the Game, in my Eyes, because the Story always changes depending on the Choices you make. I bet this Kind of Game could also appeal to vlt more people if it had a more Western Setting, because Samurais are just not for everyone. This Game in a Western setting would be just as hammery as in a European middle-aged Scenario (although if the more closely superior Only Samurai and Westerns would fit best-> my View). Najut the fight system: It's quite simple. There is one for light attacks and one for special attacks and a block button. Many Moves have been taken over from the Predecessors and the Death animations have not changed since Part 1, but I do not lack the blood fountains from Part 2, because here you often don't even notice when you have killed an Opponent the Blood flowing, that only looks in the new "Super Mode" , the Spring Harvest, where you are stronger and all the opponents killed don't fall over until you finish the mode. In addition to the main story, you can pick up missions from the many questators to earn money and end up with the Amihama Eight to get a special Mission. Why do you need the money? The most important thing now is to use the money to improve your weapons because without improvement you can hardly see any land even in a slight fast than you make felt 0 harm. On the other hand, you need the money to buy food (but you don't necessarily have to pay:P), because you have to eat with it to increase the Vitality (which is needed for attacking, for healing the HP and for the Quick Journey) again. The last thing money is useful for is buying new Things for Character Creation, because that is extremely extensive and there are every amount of things to buy. For Collectors, give any amount of Weapons (over 100 different) and Combat Styles (For Swords, Spears, Waffless, Pistols, Two Weapons and Rifles) to collect, to whom this is not enough, make their own Swords and create their own Fighting Style. Verdict: Way of the Samurai 4 is a dream Come true for any samurai fan. Due to the almost infinite possibilities of playing this Game, my 40 h are almost nix. The good Port (despite 30 FPS lock, which I don't fault in any Way because I just never see it) does its rest. The Graphics are not tau fresh but the Game has been around for 4 Years now since you can't expect any. Due to the purely Japanese Voiceover, the Atmo is also better than zb in Part 2. I therefore give the Game my Highest Rating * of 9.5/10. * A 10/10 only gets my absolute Favorite game, ŵkami, if another Game doesn't come around but still the Hammer is the hammer it stays bolder 9.5 even if it deserved a 10;)