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Two Point Hospital review
by Curious_Cat

Favorite Thing: Building up your first few hospitals is rather exciting.
Least Favorite Thing: Every new hospital is very sameish and getting them up and running is repetitive.

Date Completed: 2018-10-25
Playtime: 17h (3 stars in the first few, 1 star in the next six ... or so)
Enjoyment: 8/10
Recommendation: Yeah. It's quite fun, even if the enjoyment drops off steeply before the end.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
If You still know Theme Hospital, you will surely have your Pleasure for Nostalgia reasons alone. It is basically 1 to 1 the same Game with slightly better Graphics and a slightly different Approach to the Original. The Graphics have a very vivid effect, which has no negative or positive Influence on the Player Experience. It fulfills its Purpose I am now finished with the 2nd Hospital and have completed all 3 Star Ratings each. I found it a bit too easy and undemanding so far. The economic Aspect is rather marginal and reminds me somewhat of the new Jurassic World Evolution. In Principle, all the Basic Functions are in place, as you would expect, such as personnel costs, you can borrow, etc., but at no Point was I challenged and in the Situation to have a Lack of Money, which is a Criticism for me, since there is also no hiring For the Level Of difficulty there ... But this is subjective and depends on one's own Expectation. A profound Economic Simulation should not be expected, but these are not the strengths of the Game. There is no Free Mode yet, you work your way from Hospital to Hospital in a Kind of Campaign, where you can decide for yourself when to set out to open a new Hospital. Each new Hospital expands the Diseases to be treated and, of course, the Spaces that can be built to Treat them. Decorations such as Flowers and Pictures increase the Satisfaction of Patients, Seating Must be available, who likes to stand when he waits for the Doctor. Patients get bored, so you have to use, for example. Bookshelves and Magazines keep their Mood up, offer Snacks and Drinks, all this ensures a high Level of satisfaction, which is reflected in the Evaluation of your hospital, which attracts more Patients again. The great Strength of the Game is definitely its Humour, everything is drawn into the ridiculous, be it the Description of Decorative Objects or Pathologies. This is where the Charm of Theme Hospital is well captured. Bugs I have discovered virtually none so far, except for a Collision problem in narrow Corridors. Can happen once that the Figures get to each other and can't get past the other. So far, however, this has been rather rare and over Time the Figures detach from each other Again, whereby I can imagine if there are more patients, this Problem can often arise. .Here you should find a Solution and put out a small Patch. The big Concern I have is the Long-term Motivation. The Claim is very low and there is little you can really get wrong. The Fun of The Game is heavily based on the Discovery of new Funny diseases. I don't think much of what's going to change because of any DLCs. I'll play through the Game once then the Issue has settled for me as well ... Vlt is also just the Problem that you have experienced Games from your Childhood very differently, and even as an Adult you have too many Claims ... One wishes for the same Feeling of playing that one had as a child, forgetting that Feeling for the first time Theme Hospital, for the first time World of Warcraft, will never have played Diablo 1 for the first time! It is not a Game that you spend several Hours searching for 7 days a week, it is more of a leisurely game for the Evening for 1-3h, which of course only reflects my Opinion. Nevertheless, I fully recommend each of my Generation familiar to the Theme Hospital is to buy the Game. Despite everything, a great Nostalgia feeling comes Out. And everyone else who doesn't know the Original is just as much my Heart, it's quite entertaining for a Time and the most valid Reissue of a Classic so far, and with 30 Euros you can't do much Wrong.