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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links review
by Christian Elbrianno

I truly enjoyed Duel Links to the point I play them every day.
Then, I realized Konami is just milking my money.

Also, go play the JP version for uncensored anime tidies card.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Better with friends»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Simply fantastic! It had been years since I had left this game because of the inclusion of always new types of cards (for example pendulum and link, but what?!) Which, in my opinion, have completely ruined the game (no longer Yu Gi Oh) . This app allows you to go back a bit to the origins even if in miniature (3 playable cards for monsters and spells / traps) and allows you to get closer to the game to those who, like me, have no intention of learning the new rules. It would be nice to maybe widen the game making it more similar to the original one (inserting the main phase 2 and 5 zone monster cards and spells / traps) and create a kind of tank in which the players propose their cards in exchange for other cards expressed in specific way (a p like in Pokemon video games when you want to swap Pokemon online). In any case, really nice game, congratulations to the developers!
Translated by
Microsoft from French
The game is certainly good and leaves room for potential with the multitude of cards that exists. Still, if you plan to do PvP on this game, I advise you to be on tablet, or plan to spend your time before locking 3mins. Some people lack connection, others are very long play; since they have three minutes during which you can not interact, your phone or device will most likely have time to lock, to make you lose connection to the game for a short while and lose the game in 99.99% of the time. case. You can try to reconnect instantly after locking your device, it does not matter; the game is not equipped with a shelter-lock when you are in combat. In addition to a, I can see both in 4G (stable) WiFi that the game indicates that the connection is not stable during online battles, while it is on my other devices .. There are still some improvements to be made here.
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
It reminds me of the past, I grew up with Yu-gi-oh, both with cardboard and spending time collecting papers and challenging friends, and finally after a long time I fell back on this world ... very nice game, complete, true to the original card game except for a few differences, but on the other hand you can't expect too much, even if an update of the game with insertion of the complete mode would be fantastic, apart from some small details the sliding game, I have not found any bug a well-made and fun career, online competitions are well done, and if you want you can play against each other even with your friends, I would say cool! It takes me back in time, even the effects are well constructed, the cards are really many, and not even penalized the player who doesn't want to spend money, because you can play safely without getting stuck or without having to spend like in many others games .. fully satisfied, and congratulations to the developers