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Fallout: New Vegas review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Concise Review:

Didn’t live up to the hype. Not impressed.

Journal Style Review:

I’ve never played New Vegas before so this is a first time run. I’ve played fallout 3, which I remember enjoying, I’ve played fallout 4, which I liked but was disappointed because it wasn’t the game I wanted, and I played outer worlds which I enjoyed the most. I’ve heard people say great things about new Vegas and lots of people say it’s their favourite fallout game, but review scores have it lower than 3 and 4. So that’s where I am going in.

I enjoyed the opening cutscene and story setup. “Who shot me and why?” Is a good opening. I enjoyed the character creator perks set up. Then for the next hour and a half it was a bit boring with too much running from point to point.

I know the gunplay is going to be awful because not only is this a fallout game but it’s an old one. And it is, but there is something to it that’s okay because I know it’s not what the game is about. The use of vats, and swapping between weapons for different situations and conserving ammo and resources looks like it will create the fun survival mechanics that are needed.

The load times are insanely fast. That’s a perk of playing an old game.

The world does still feel pretty empty to me. I’m early on so maybe it feels more alive as I go on but by today’s standards its hard not to notice how empty the world is. I critiqued fallout 76 so much for having an empty lifeless world. Hopefully this ones becomes better and I’m just early on. Many rpgs take a bit of time to get going.

From the opening of the game....And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I like fallout 76 more as of now.

Too much running back and forth so far. I really like the level upgrades when I get them but the actual gameplay is too much run here, talk, run here, talk. I can see the many similarities between this and the outer worlds, but the outer worlds is improved in pretty much every way. 

Some side characters have been interesting but they don’t do enough with them. I think I’ve played 5 or 6 hours and at this point, I’m not a big fan. Maybe I just don’t really like fallout games? I always feel like I should like them more than I do. Fallout 3 was the first I played and I have fond memories but every game since I’ve been dissatisfied.

Still not liking it except for the levelling up aspects. There is so much running back and forth. 

Around the 10 hour mark. It’s been a hair better since arriving at the strip. The boomer quests weren’t bad either. They are getting a bit better at least. Still not great. But the different factions are fun.

Around 14 hours. It’s picking up. It still hasn’t surpassed my enjoyment for even fallout 76, but it’s getting closer. My complaints are the same but at least now I have more weapons to use and there is just more going on. I continue to like the leveling system.The exploration is getting a bit better.

The game has glitched and crashed 3 times in a row now. It’s getting frustrating.

I’ve realized a major reason for my distaste towards this game is how often I’m lost because the fucking waypoints and maps are tragic.

I really rushed the ending because I was done with the game. If I liked the game I would have overthrown mr house but I didn’t feel like putting in the effort. I just did what he said and went violent for all the remaining factions so I could see an ending, if not my preferred ending.

I can see the appeal to this game back in the day. The “play the game however you want” is done reasonably well for an old game but I guess my main issue while playing this game is I never really found any of it that fun. The gameplay is horrendous. The environment is bland. The map is so confusing to get around whenever you’re indoors. So much time is spent just walking. Some dialogue options and factions had moments that were interesting. But really, The only part I liked  was simply deciding how to spend upgrade points.

This sits at a low B. It didn’t age well for me. It was hard to play after already playing the outer worlds. 

Final Score: B

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Thank you, Chris Avellone! Thank you Obsidian Entertainment! And fuck you Bethesda!

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My Thoughts on Fallout New Vegas (in the Ultimate Edition) Positive: Well, credibly coherent and nuanced written as there are far too few Games. In part, if you get involved in the game and enter the world, as is the case with (almost) all Obsidian games, this goes into deep philosophical, moral and political questions. High Replay value, great playful Freedom and Agency, extremely extensive (~ 100 + Hours for the Main Game and all DLC). Many Ways to play as different Characters and interact with the NPCs and Factions that exist in the Game. Great Soundtrack that creates a lot of Atmosphere. Absolutely brilliant story DLC. EIn * true * Old-school fallout game and arguably one of the best Action Role games on the Market. Still visually True by its stylized Graphics, although the Kind of Design does not extend to that of Bethesda's Interpretation of the fallout world. Long, good Storyline that seems relatively innocuous and predictable until it suddenly unfolds in a Complexity rarely found in AAA games that invites repeated passages. Excellent Companions, with a Sympathy system as well as personal Preferences. Over 100 Quests. Hundreds of different modifiable Weapons that can be used to transform the entire Population of the Desert in the desert-shoot-/zerpiettogeto-brenntaspulverisan/pulverisieren/into green Mucus ... But also the Opportunity to end the Game without Violence and To work only through Diplomacy and Haggling. Simples, uncomplicated Gameplay that you can quickly find your way into. Through the Bench away decent English Synchronization, with isolated implausible But even more frequent, very convincing performances. Thousands of free Mods available on catchy Websites to customize the Game to suit your Tastes. Cons: May have bugs, Glitches and crash problems due To the outdated scrap Gamebryo engine. For these, however, there are Fan Patches, the Links to this can be found in the pinned discussion in the Game'S Steamforum. The technical Basis does not allow for larger Accumulations of people (at least not on Consoles, which are the focus of the Publishers and for the sake of which many Concepts have not been realized), which makes the civilized areas of the World relatively different. The lifeless seem. The Game is generally too simple, especially since in the Ultimate Edition the Level limit has been raised to 50 and you are quickly "overpowert." Even the so-called Hardcore Mode no Longer presents any challenge after a few Hours. Here I can only recommend the JSawyermod, which was created by Development manager Joshua Sawyer himself and significantly improves the Game balance. Obsidian Entertainment didn't have enough Time to Develop the Game, so some Quests, Factions and Areas come away a bit short. German Synchronization is of mixed Quality. Some Speakers sound implausible, the Sound Designers have been beating here and There and Dialogues have been rewritten, sometimes even to cover Up errors in setting (!!!). The Faces are squishy and stiff, so they don't do justice to the Characters behind them, and the Interface is more designed for Console Control, but still navigable. The Money for the Sale goes to Bethesda Softworks, who, step by Step, strip the Fallout Franchise of its Identity and scoopon it to squeeze as many Monets out of its Name as possible. Verdict: A Masterpiece. Although it couldn't reach its full Potential, one of the best Action role games of all Time and my personal Favorite Game. Deep, atmospheric, once it has a grip on you, it won't let go anytime soon. Fallout New: Vegas offers absolutely great Entertainment when you're ready to look past its Corners and Edges (or just put those in Order by Mods ...) and sink into its World first. The real Fallout 3. My fullest Recommendation.
Best fallout game ever made! Fun fact: FNV was made by original Fallout1 and 2 devs.