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Love And Order review
by Kyle Weber

It's honestly impressive to make a visual novel with multiple people contributing and end up with something this boring.  The game mechanics are unbelievably grindy, and there's no intelligence required to either solve the obvious mystery or find a romantic partner.  There is almost no characterization in any of the love stories, the art style is ugly, the extras are embarrassingly cheaply done, the writing is bad (especially considering how strong Christine Love's other work is), and they didn't bother to get enough variation in the music to avoid just looping through the same 2-3 tracks over and over.

The most disappointing thing is the game play: usually there would be some twist in the time mechanics or some clever secret that a careful player might find, but the basic time management is embarrassingly shallow.  You might expect there to be a distinction between the romance and work performance categories but there is none:  work helps fill your love and your work approval ratings just as well.  What's most galling is that at one point the game studio charged for this:  there are free student Flash game jam submissions that have a significantly higher level of polish than this.
«I could make it better»