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Underhand review
by DanDoes

This game is fun, but often that fun is interrupted by a frustrating lack of agency, which is critical for a game about making choices! Overall, it's like a simplified version of the PC/console game "Hand of Fate". Where it falls short is it lacks a few small features that would allow you to make informed decisions based on what you've experienced so far, rather than choosing randomly, or in some cases, thinking you are progressing when really you are doing nothing.

Example improvement suggestions for dev:
* Icons on the side that let you know what god cards are currently in play (after initial discovery). This will remind the player the overall purpose of this session and also let the player know if they should end it early. (Or honestly just make that not possible)
* A way to view (in alphabetical order) the tops of all the cards that have been discovered in the current session (potentially even splitting it up by Deck / Discard piles).
* Make the animation for a card disappearing from the game more distinct from the one for it simply being discarded. It shouldn't be this hard to tell what is happening.
* Cards often don't say whether they will be discarded or removed on the options, but this really matters for making your choice.