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Spider-Man (2000) review
by GordonBombay

All in all this isn’t a bad game if you’re looking for some nostalgia and want to do some PSX gaming but I feel the more that time goes on the worse this game gets. Really cool additional game mode called what if mode unlocked through cheats which change a slight detail / Easter egg in every level.  

Gameplay: 7 
    -first glimpse of limited open world spidey game
    -multiple web moves makes for a decent variety
    -although a shortish game (5 hour playthrough) has some replay-ability with collectibles and a complete separate What If? Mode which unlocks Easter Eggs in the regular story mode. 
   -Camera is biggest let down here and can be very frustrating not being able to control it, as well as a close up view most of the time

Graphics: 7
     - holds up well for a PSX game although can notice some issues here and there
     -does get hectic on screen when a lot of effects are going on (doc oc lvl) 

Story: 5
     -it’s alright for nostalgia but it really only deals with the main plot for the first episode and last episode, other then that you feel like you’re just jumping from comic issue to comic issue which I guess isn’t bad, but not a lot of meaningful story. 
     -game does give you a cannon reason why you’re not on the ground though and can’t roam the streets which is kinda cool 

Soundtrack: 8 
     -one of the best parts of the game, lots of tracks are heavy grungish rock that really amp up the action gameplay and don’t get old quick so when you die and replay a lvl you’re fine to listen to it again.

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This is the game that blew my mind for over four years between 2006 and 2010. Playing this in my dad's old PC was the greatest feeling I could have. The best soundtrack, great characters and a very fun game to play even nowdays. Of course the controls are really outdated but I still got the moves so I now it's limits and tricks. Best Spider-Man game on the PC.
Gameplay 7/10. Graphics 9/10. Soundtrack 7/10. Storyline 7/10. OVERALL 7.25/10. (A : 8.0)
«Beaten more than once»