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Mushroom 11 review
by Luke Irvin

This game, is incredible. It's also incredibly difficult. Like, INCREDIBLY difficult. And unproportionate in difficulty. What I mean by that, is the first several chapters are challenging but not too bad. Suddenly around the last few chapters this game goes from challenging to nigh impossible. From spending maybe an hour or two per chapter, to spending days stuck on one checkpoint in a chapter. HOWEVER, all that being said, this game is extremely rewarding. The boss battles are fun and really forgiving compared to the rest of the game. It honestly has almost a Limbo or Inside type vibe to it, despite the gameplay being drastically different. Overall, if you like platformers that tell a story by surroundings, with challenging gameplay, this is definitely for you. 
«Blew my mind»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«That ending!»

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Got me the Game in the Humble Eye-Candy Bundle and I'm very, very fond. I haven't played such an innovative puzzle-platformer since Gish was new. It is insane what the Developers get out of what the developers get out of what is actually very simple Mechanics; Boredom arises at most when you reach your Limits again, which is more common in the Game. Where Parts of the Mushroom regrow is largely determined by chance, which annoys Some Reviewers, but is simply Part of the Game and can be mastered with Skill. What bothers Me rather is THAT it is NOT just random where Parts regrow. This is always more likely to happen in the Piece of the Fungus, which is the furthest left. Even if this is a Fitzel that is just sailing gen acid and can hardly be extinguished in time. Worse still-the Camera usually hangs on it. And don't move back if you destroy him. Since all Parts that move out of View are destroyed, the Game often destroys enough exactly the Parts that are safe and have the Potential to move forward and is allowed to start again at the Storage Point through no fault of his own. Most Of the Time, however, the matter remains fair, as memory points are not stinged and even Final Opponents can be defeated in Stages with a few Deaths in between. But This is also sorely needed at latest with Boss Number 6. Especially the Rockets, which also appear in Level 6, are to be controlled sauhhart. Insofar As a very good, very pretty, great Designed, but also hard game, which usually also forgives Mistakes and just demands that you create things once (instead of losing a Lot of Progress after a Death). The Music and Setting In general is just as great. I think €1515 is a bit high due to the relative Brevity, 10-12 would be more apt. But If you're an Achievement Hunter, you have a Lot in front of you ... 8/10
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Microsoft from French
Still a platform game based on frustration and punishment It seems impossible (or undesirable) most developers to design games "fun" and rewarding, where the difficulty and level of skill are precisely fenced. Some have done wonderfully (Osmos, Nihilumbra, Nightgate), while others seem to have liked it (Limbo, Badland). 5 euros the frustration rptition, did a little expensive. In addition, we quickly hurt our finger force to furrow the notch to advance this damn mushroom. Too bad, really, because the idea is particularly original.
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Microsoft from Spain
This game is one of the best I've played by far. It's strange, sinister and beautiful, all at the same time. In fact, my only downside is that the story is too short. I think that all of us who have bought this know that Mushroom 11 deserves and needs a second part. It does not have to have a cinematic that tells you, but you can only give some clues that confirm the true nature of the series Mushroom (s, series, I saw that blackboard in the hospital that describes the operation of Mushroom 3). And besides, there's already a protagonist, I'm talking about Mushroom 12, the "son" of Mushroom 11 that appears at the end of the credits. There will also have to introduce new mechanics, as more active enemies (who are looking for you instead of waiting for you to be below them), special skills (I'm not talking about the typical, like shields or speed sperm, but more realistic things like throwing "ropes" of mucous and swinging to the Spiderman, shooting balls of cells, infecting and controlling enemies, etc) and BIG MS HEADS. You can make them mutated animals, monsters or something completely new, a bit like the boss of chapter 3. In fact, I already have an idea for a boss. It would be an authentic titn, a creature too big to be defeated. Then the Mushroom gets into a kind of giant robot, activates a series of purple sensors and starts the robot to mess with the monster. After being hit several times, the monster will open its mouth and show a weak point, and the Mushroom will have time to get off the robot, absorb the weak point and get back on the robot. The fight will end after doing this several times. I beg you to keep this in mind. It will mean a lot to me and to many people that you would carry this out. I'll say it briefly, this is the only game that has made my tears go away. Literally.