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Resident Evil 2 (1998) review
by rawgdawg

It's definitely a well done ps1 title, but I feel that it doesn't innovate enough on the first. The voice acting and cinematics have improved significantly, and the game feels structured more effectively. However, I don't think this game lives up to what it could be. I like the idea of the split perspectives, but the execution is pretty lame here. There's a lot of potential with characters revisiting areas, but changed because of the player's previous actions. However, this second part is barely done, with the same puzzles, areas, and plot points being repeated in the second act. I'm honestly surprised that this game received the acclaim that it did when it consists so much of recycled content. That being said, it is a pretty solid survival horror game for the ps1, and somewhat improves upon the first entry. 

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I've played RE2 back in 2000 and I couldn't finish it because it was a borrowed game, now that I've revisited without the nostalgia glasses I can safely say that this game is as classic as it comes, sure the control scheme is very clumsy and at times the dramatic camera angles don't help it at all but, when you get the hang of it, it just makes sense. The environment and the enemies have this amazing horror atmosphere and also I really liked every character. Because of the localization or the acting or even that the story is not that good, at times, it feels a little cliche but it's OK, speaking of characters my least favorite must be Leon, is kinda boring but in the other hand, Ada and Claire are pretty cool. Also if you're into JoJo's Bizarre Adventure expect to encounter a lot of references. Overall is an amazing experience, like having a puzzle that by the end it just builds itself naturally. The rhythm of the game is also incredible I believe I played around 6 hours per character and I wanted more, the way that the 2 stories interact feels way ahead of its time (I believe they wanted to do a similar thing with RE 6). If you're looking for a thrilling experience and you haven't played it yet, please check it out.
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