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Hard Reset Redux review
by BloodScorchedSun

I had purchased this on a sale years ago and something about it turned me off so I deleted it. Now, I play a lot of games that I don't care about story and just listen to a podcast while playing. So I ended up going through it doing that and found it more enjoyable. There is a lot of cool weapon upgrades, especially with the plasma gun. The story didn't do much for me and the enemies feel very boring. I also hate when they have tiny fodder enemies you can barely shoot. It is clear to see how the team was headed towards the Shadow Warrior remake, which is a much better game in my opinion. There is nothing overtly off-putting about the game except it's rather boring most of the time.
«Game over at last!»

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Whether a new Weapon and a few opponent types justify a New Purchase is probably to be won by everyone. For me, as Owner and Fan of the Original, it was a Reason to pick up the Game again (3€) to play it again, What to say ... Brachial Shooter Food, with wonderfully beautiful and physically great Explosions, at its finest. Nothing more and nothing less. Cyper-punk story is available but really not worth talking about. :-D The cyper katana is Fun and the Balancing has also got better. The Original was sometimes Bockheavy and maybe partly unfair ... I pulled Through the Redux version at The first Attempt and found it very pleasant. Cladering but never too heavy. Maybe I'll rush into the New Game Plus again on the heaviest level of Difficulty. The only thing that bothered me was when you notice when the DLC starts. There are Innovations that are not present in the Main Story. For Example, all of a sudden our Figure has a Voice and you see his Feet. They could have revised that way that it is also the Case in the Main Story. All in all ... If you like Shooter ala Serious Sam or Doom, you will also enjoy it here. Promised ...;-)
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Microsoft from Deutsch
The Game is practically what you do alla Terminator. A classic "Hose" Shooter where you're not supposed to solve really heavy Tasks and Puzzles. The Environment is nicely made and fit the flair of the Game. In General, however, the Levels were not varied, and the further it goes to the End of the Game, more and more simply knitted. The Game kept very short. Even the Story isn't really the Hit. In the Beginning you are a "simple" Soldier, who is supposed to protect a City from the Machines. The Machines Break into a Sector and slaughter everything. The Player then has to fight the Machines and kill the "Person in charge." * SPOILER * Later, you are supposed to cripple the Production in a Factory area and kill a Final Boss. After that, the End is more or less open and the Story ending * SPOILERENDE * THE Boss fights are monotonous, Every Boss has a Vulnerability. If you hit those often enough, the Boss is flat. Even if the Opponents "differ" in Strength and Appearance, they are always the same, with the same Attacks. Which also gets boring on a lifetime. I bought the Game when it was reduced (4, 99). While funny, you get far better Games (Borderlands:-D) I can advise anyone who puts something on Story or Longevity. But If you are looking for a Shooter for in between, you are quite served by it. I played through The Game at heavy in ~ 5h. So a little Pastime it's always