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The Forest review
by BloodScorchedSun

I got this game on a sale years ago and I'd come back to it a few times, never getting to far from where I was before. I decided to sit down and really get into it. Pretty quickly I realized I had been doing stuff wrong, mainly not using fire enough and not knowing how to get bones. Once I started doing that I was going through fully armored and not having too much issue with anything. I really love the way they handle the crafting, taking durability out of the picture is nice because I feel like so many games handle it poorly. Yes, it's realistic but only to a certain extent. The ability to recover arrows is a lifesaver and still runs the risk of losing them if you need to run away or die. I didn't do much building as it's a huge commitment and mostly lived on the yacht. I understand it's meant to be played with others in a lot of respects but it's wild to expect someone playing alone to get 100 logs for a house. I think the biggest issue with these survival crafting games is stratling the line on material costs. You can make a spear with a few sticks, bones and some cloth but then to build a little cabin it takes over 50 logs when you can clearly see it doesn't show that many. I never felt the balance between downtime to build and getting raided was very good but that might just be me. One sin I can't forgive them for is the katana. They somehow decided to take this legendary sword and make it worse than the fucking Gerber axe you can buy at Walmart. No offense to the axe but a sword that is forged by folding steel fourteen times and has zero block? Come on guys. I get they don't want it to be overpowered but a better balance would've been nice. It actually would've been funny to have it be one of those shitty ones sold at gun shows. Either way, I barely blocked and found myself mostly using the upgraded spear and bow. The story is also pretty wild. I think they could've done some better world building but they did a good job with what they had. It makes for some compelling stuff that I think people will want to see them elaborate on in the future. There is some wonkiness to controls and some of the environmental stuff. I especially love the moon physics that allow you to catapult a stick of dynamite off the floor. Overall I think they really nailed a good balance between a story driven horror game mixed with a crafting game and it's open world. The ability to search the caves and the world at your own peril and discover new items and weapons makes it really feel like an adventure game. 

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I really like this game. The AI has some behaviors that are really unnerving and unique. The base building has some issues, late game enemies can break through any construction without much trouble. I hope that the next game will have some better options to build defenses.
Very spooky, great with friends
«Can’t stop playing»
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Early Access Review Pro Characters The Forest does not offer the Possibility to create its Own character, but every Time your Character dies differently. This distinguishes not only the Clothing, but the Origin and Hairstyle. You can't see The Character itself, but his COOP Players. Graphic The Textures have been really successful. The Weapons look wonderful, Shadows and Light Are beautiful, Grass and Trees have a filling Effect and are beautifully animated and the Inhabitants/Cannibals are able to get ugly. In addition, there is water and Bluefish Effects that can be perceived on the Skin and Weapons that look very good. Gameplay The Game offers many Opportunities to shape Survival. First of all, you can choose to build a Base in the middle of the Forest and protect with a Protective Wall or to look for a safe Spot on the Island, where you can feel safe for at least a short time. As Accommodation, there are temporary Options for Sleeping, so you can also quickly have Accommodation when you are on the road and station Facilities ranging from small to large. In the meantime, you can also create your Own house. You even have the Opportunity to build a Houseboat and live on the Water. There are various Weapons to fight the Inhabitants/Cannibals. From a small Axe to a big Axe, to a Machete to a Cantana and to Dynamite to bombs. Fernight is also made possible by Bows, Spears and few Firearms. For this purpose, the Impact Speed and the Damage can be improved or also poison and Fire can be added. But through accommodation and Weapons, your Survival is not assured. That's Why the Game gives you a lot of Opportunities to quench your Hunger and Thirst. You can go to collect berries and plant, hunt animals and roast or dry Meat, and eat the Bars, which have been packed by the Aircraft passengers and can be found in roren Suitcases. To do this, you can catch Rainwater, fill it into a Hose and drink. Or you can fall back on the Soda of The aircraft passengers, which can also be found in the Suitcases. The Game Events change the longer you play. Resources are becoming less, more Residents/Cannibals are popping up,.... The day and Night Cycle changes the Presence and level Of aggression of the Inhabitants/Cannibals. Game World The Island where the plane crashes and you fight for its Survival offers very many, very different Areas. From strong Forest and open Meadows to sandy Areas and Islands to high Cliffs and long Caves. Con Story It begins with a tragic Plane Crash. After you come back to Consciousness, you see a Resident walking away with your own Son on his arm. One is left with the Uncertainty of whether your own Son is still alive or not. And so you throw yourself into the Adventure. I really have to say that the Story is not really exciting and can end very very quickly if you know what you need to do. However, I have to say that you don't play the Game because of the Story, but rather because of the Survival aspect, which has succeeded very well. Graphic As beautiful as the Graphics are, there are a few trifles that look weird. For example, Texture Overlaps. Or even things like That sometimes the blood-smeared Weapons, after you've been swimming with the Gun, is still smeared with Blood. However, I do not catch these as overly disturbing, but they were "big" enough that they had to be mentioned. Gameplay Some Actions don't make Sense in my Opinion or wouldn't be as actionable in Real terms. Since you build a lot of Wood, you wood a lot of Trees. There are different Possibilities for This, but regardless of Tools, you can easily cut Down trees at night with bred Lighter. You can hold the Chainsaw and the Axe with one Hand and cut down Trees. For this purpose, most stationary Containers can only be built from Sticks and not stones, with Stones being just as good for It as sticks. But even so, this "Limitation" can be preserved very well. In COOP Mode, Berry Bushes are removed after a Recourse and you have to replant them. This Aspect has bothered me a lot from and a great deal, because you can also plant things that you can use for Painkillers and you haven't found so many of them. And that they are then just gone ... In Summary, I can recommend "The Forest," even now as an Early Access Game. For €15 you get a Game that is a lot of Fun on your own and with several People. The many Possibilities of the Game let you start again and again and try your Luck again.