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Maid of Sker review
by orangerful

Played this because it was free for Games with Gold and then I saw it was by the same publisher as "SOMA" which I really enjoyed. Unfortunately, 'Maid' doesn't have the same story depth as 'SOMA' - it was pretty predictable when it came to the plot twists. I am easily spooked though and I did find myself very tense the whole game. The music and look of it reminded me a lot of 'Layers of Fear'.  I did end up using a walkthrough several times because I just wasn't sure what the game wanted me to do. Also, it really wanted me to play with headphones and I refused which made one puzzle VERY difficult.
Not awful, if you got it for free, play it.  The music was lovely.

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The enemies drag this game way down, they are simply terrible, and the AI is all over the place. Sometimes you'll be "heard" for no reason at all. Do the exact same thing again and, this time, nothing.

Date Completed: 2021-02-10
Playtime: 5h
Enjoyment: 5/10
Recommendation: I would have been okay never having played this game. It wasn't bad, and the story was alright, but the gameplay was dull.