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ROBLOX review
by PoliknaaaA667

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«Waste of time»

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Might have some bad experiences on the front pages, but you'll find very good experiences if you look hard, or deep enough.
«Better with friends»
people who play roblox are either sad or like children..
«Better with friends»
This game used to be a masterpiece back in the year 2010, The game is still good, but the new games are really boring.
And some of the old games are broken and closed because of roblox 2018's update like Giant Survival, and Mashables. The moderating system sucks, I saw a guy once he was wearing NSFW t-shirt he uploaded to roblox. The chat filter sucks, and i got banned for 7 days for "participating in inappropriate behavior or content and discriminator". My game didn't have anything terrible in it. 2010 to 2017 is where roblox was really fun. I still play the game, I play retrostudio and Super Nostalgia Zone to experience the old roblox again. And i play the old games with my friends because they are forgotten meaning that the old games are dead. Some of the old games are not dead and i like that. and Roblox deleting egg hunt was a terrible idea, The egg hunts were the most fun thing in roblox, and deleting events was also a terrible idea. I recommend you play roblox with your friends. It makes the game more fun!
If you're a kid, this is free and has seemingly endless modes.  I'd be all over this if I was a kid in Covid times, its almost social.
i love this game can youput me on it .
ROBLOX is a great game plataform. The way that the players can customize their games, and be free about it is amazing. ROBLOX has amazing games, some so realistic and weird that I don't even know how the hell is this even ROBLOX... Just play it, it is amazing.Just because the fandom is horrible and it has a lot of kids doesn't mean it is all bad. It has adults playing it, and they have made amazing games that blew my mind. ROBLOX is one of the best games I have ever played.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
love it
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
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Microsoft from Italian
The problem that requires a Wi-Fi bang to play with, yutube is fine while roblox tells me that it should not therefore sincerely my four-star rating for this reason that makes me really angry this problem is found especially in bloxburg a wonderful map but from serious connection problems it makes me even more angry that, to play bloxburg you need 25 robux ie real money. I have taken eight hundred and I do not regret it but in my opinion the fact that to be beautiful as an avatar or to enter in some maps you have to pay in order to not be able to play because of the connection. Since I don't believe that all the people in the world would have the opportunity to pay real money in the game, you could give free robux to everyone. But the game really wonderful my favorite game
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Microsoft from Italian
Roblox as I said in the title also a very nice game that inspires you to creativity, being that you can create very complex games in a game that looks like children from the outside. I have been playing with it since 2015 on this game, from its ruin (or at least in part) from the removal of tix (virtual money that could be accumulated daily by logging on roblox or by playing in various games) with quinpotevi everything, when I say everything I mean everything if a t-shirt cost 5 R $ you could pay it 40 tix and take it for free, you could also change the tix to robux even if losing a lot of their value. Then for the rest a good game to regret the old days where the community was less toxic, now there are only trollers exploiters and people who spend 20k of robux with the popes' money saying they're pennies. Thank you for reading and I hope I encouraged you to play roblox.